Polly Yawnbee An Idiot After All?

It seems we have been giving couples earning £85K benefits of £1750 p.a. for their kids.  Yawnbee, another dismal Horriet  type, finally sinks to farcical oblivion on Newsnight trying to defend the rights and needs of well-off people, hard-pressed by hefty mortgages, school fees and so on to “benefits”.  After much buffoonery, she stooped to suggest these benefits needed to be paid direct to the women (of higher rate tax payers) to stop the evil, drunken, gambling men squandering everything and leaving baby short of formula!  This is Labour in action?

In Bahrain and Kuwait, most jobs are part of the benefit-privilege system, other than the ex-pat ones.  I think and analysis of our economy in terms of excess pay being part of the benefits system is long overdue.  We need to make savings for investments that will halve the numbers of what we generally call benefits to get back into a virtuous circle.  What hope of this analysis and planning when the Yawnbee clod can’t even work out its wrong to give well-off families money for a summer holiday?  In most Middle eastern countries we steal oil from, the Sunnis get most of the “benefits” – this stuff on child benefit is only the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of our own nomenclature.


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