Why allcoppedout?

We’ve just about had it with the bureaucratic class running our lives, even with ‘official satire’ like ‘Have I Got News For You’ and ‘Bremner, Bird and Fortune’.  The latter just milk the pain.  We want to see real change, but also not to lapse into being so serious we end up up ourselves.  No doubt we will and this may be the running joke.  We might favour proportional representation, yet can see no future in electing proportionally unrepresentative prats so stuck up in denial they won’t even allow the box ‘none of you bastards’ on the ballot paper.  We don’t know why our cops can’t deal with scum, why we are at war, why bankers are worth so much money, why politicians’ voices make us sick within a couple of bars and why television and film tend to be as dull as party political broadcasts.  There is plenty worth believing in, but where is it being hidden and why?  Laugh? – we could cry!  We are more serious than Baldrick’s phallic turnip that we are being stiffed by overpaid vegetables manning media, political, financial and Town Hall sinecures with the only aim of staying ahead of and living apart from the rest of us.  This would be a good thing if they had left the money behind.

There are routes to complain.  These are all manned by the attack dogs of the overpaid vegetables.  Kafka designed these systems.  To police the police, we have the Incompetent Poodles of Constabulary Corruption (IPCC).  You post your complaint to them and they send it – wait for it – back to the crooked cops you are complaining about to be mixed in with malicious material and petty dross.  If you are really lucky, the crooked cop you are complaining about screws up his chance, when appointed as ‘independent resolution officer’, to get you done for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by being as incompetent in his frame as he was in muffing the job he was supposed to do for you in the first place.  Local Government Ombudsmen are equally useless.  Complain to your MP and you will find he is part of the problem.  Try to get things into Court and low and behold, you can’t.  The media will be too consumed with gossip to be bothered with you.  Lovely old democracy!

It leaves us, as a couple of sad old lefties, never being able to vote Labour again and in the agony of recognition that the Daily Mail says more about our plight and the kids going to rack and ruin in our streets, than those in the legacy of Michael Foot.  It gets tempting to believe in Guy Fawkes, but a bit of real history tells us he was just part of an anti-Scottish plot.  We have organised Britain so that truth has nowhere to go, other than into blog.


9 thoughts on “Why allcoppedout?

  1. i randomly found your blog through through google when i typed in, why is my life so dull. i found what you said very right. i live in hong kong and there are so much more bullshit and over paid vegetables here. keep up the nice work.

  2. http://www.policeexpenses.co.uk – COL Police spent over 1m to censor this website (& they lost)

    City of London Police spend an est 1,000,000 investigating me, they raid my home, office and company accountants office, they remove all PC’s, laptops, dig cameras, mobile phones, sat nav’s etc and send them all off to the High Tech Crimes Laboratory for forensic analysis (it all came back clean) all because of a I told clients of Guy Carpenter Reinsurance that a board member was fiddling his expenses to hide a affair (which was proven in court), the board member denied the affair, city police told the Magistrates at an earlier hearing that they had investigated the matter and found no evidence of an affair.
    In the first instance, Sussex Police looked at the matter and confirmed in writing that this was a civil matter. Emails confirm that Kroll then emailed the board member concerned & confirmed that Mr Dan Mead the head of Guy Carpenter Ltd Security had friendly contacts at City of London Police, further emails confirm that they went on to meet DCI Chandler and DSI Davies whom confirmed unlimited resources and the use of City Counter Terrorism & Major Crimes Directorate.
    City of London Police have confirmed that the earlier est of the cost of ‘Operation Bohan’ was not 1,500,000, however all freedom of Info requests have been declined by City of London Police ‘not in the public interest’.
    All of the above was discussed in court and all claims (+ more to come out shortly) can tangibly be backed up, unlike the officers in the case whom when questioned by Michael Wolkind QC and even District Judge Roscoe in court ‘could not remember important operational points and had not made any notes’. I guess it’s not their money so it doesn’t matter.

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