The Attack On Stay-at-Home Mothers

Picture ‘Assault on Precinct 13‘ – then get your mind round the woral muckfittery of considering not paying benefits to families where someone pays higher rate tax to be an attack on slack-arse, idle mothers who stay at home to look after kids rather than work.  Come on sisters, raise yourselves to fever-pitch on my vile male unknowing Chauvinism – it’s just so hard bringing up kids I spend all my time at work or in the pub evading it!  Not at all!  When I gets back from the pub and conversations cursing higher rates of tax, my partner and I regularly discuss where we will go on holiday with our child benefit, whether she should drop a few more sprogs so I can give up teaching for welfare child-rearing paradise, or whether she should jobshare with me now they are changing the child benefits.  This is really how we higher-rate tax payers talk you know.

My partner is truly shocked by this vile attack on the £1750 p.a. (net of tax) human rights‘ payment to women or men choosing to bring their children up with loving care – made much easier by a few Chardonnays the benefit pays for, along with the respite care of the holiday in Tunisia while the kids are at Nan’s.  We really need the wine and that holiday you know – it’s what benefits are for FFS!  Did you know that the welfare mother next door, the one who does 30 hours cleaning at the police station and gets tax credits, drinks that disgusting cheap cider, feeds her kids TV-diners, smokes half her benefits?  What kind of moral degradation is that!  I rarely do 30 hours at the Uni and I don’t get tax credits!  Anyone would think benefits are for the poor!  She’ll be gone soon, once the single credit payment means she won’t be able to afford the rent next door.  Now, any takers for my ‘Marxism 101′?  Or for the nanny job to take some of the stress off my Lizzie and keep the kids quiet whilst she does that OU Wine Appreciation module?  We won’t need to see your passport …

NB – In my Marxism 101 there is none of that commie-pinko dialectic hogwash –  focus is on his relationship with the maid as a metaphor for screwing the working class after seizing power.


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