Sharing Twin Rooms With Other Men (Not Gay Honest)

I have only once shared a twin room with another man when the organisation I was working for could have afforded separate rooms.  When skint I’ve done it many times with male and female colleagues.  I am now, in light of Mr. Hague’s revelations, unsure of my sexuality, attractiveness and life in general.  It is only now I realise I made misjudgements, though I have never been as stupid as Mr. Hague.  I really can’t stand the Tories.

We should not care if Hague is gay, occasionally attracted to young men and stuff like that.  I’d guess his career is over because we are pathetic as a public.  He struck me as more decent than most politicians.  I hope he had sex if it suited both.  The more awful admission is surely mine.  I never did in such circumstances and will be hung only on circumstantial evidence, or possibly by the woman I have forgotten for not remembering!  Good luck Douglas.  The only arses of interest here belong to those who aren’t human.


4 thoughts on “Sharing Twin Rooms With Other Men (Not Gay Honest)

  1. Well, plenty of follow up posts on the blog in question were pretty homophobic but the original blogger, ‘Guido Fawkes’, states that his interest in Mr Hague’s possible relationship was purely that he had given a Personal Adviser’s job as a grace-and-favour appointment. I think he was right to question how a young graduate, previously employed as Hague’s driver, could contribute as an adviser where experienced foreign office staff could not. If Hague’s career really is over it should be because of nepotism, not sexality.

  2. “Well, plenty of follow up posts on the blog in question were pretty homophobic..”

    That’s the curse (and sometimes, the beauty) of unmoderated blogging.

    But yes, the ‘gay’ aspect is utterly irrelevant. Guido would have asked the same question if the chauffeur-turned-SpAd had been a busty blonde dimbulb.

  3. I love the ‘holier than thou’ press on this one… in the same paper the story that they were trying to hack the phones of snr cabinet members for juicy stuff…

    I think that they are the ones that should be reflecting – not Hague… always seemed quite human to me…

    Although that my explain his enthusiasm for Judo…

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