God, Biology and Physics

Channel 4 News and BBC Newsnight both gave idiot space tonight to some rot Hawkins is purveying via a ghost-writer that ‘M Theory’ shows us that there is no need for god in science.  Quite why this should come up now is odd as ‘M Theory’ is rather old  and is not news.  We are as likely to find out if William Hague is gay from physics as we are to establish anything about god concepts, and should probably care about as much.  Dawkins is all over Channel 4 re-hashing his feeble anti-god diatribe.  I have no respect for much religion and refuse to demonstrate such.  All I can say is the odd believer I’ve met has turned out to be decent, caring and so on.

David Hume got it right.  We should be agnostic and it is only rationalist fantasy to prove or disprove Gawd.  The question we should be asking is why our two major news programmes are such idiots as to hack out these old hacks instead of stuff that is not 20 years old, or x-thousand years old in philosophy.  We need debate about sensible living.  It’s more important to rule out clown idiocy like ‘I’d did it because god’s talking snake told me to and am therefore innocent’ and to wonder about how complex ‘sperm wars’ exist ‘unbuilt by us’, not claptrap from ancient scrolls or the Idols of our childhood and fantasy-history.


8 thoughts on “God, Biology and Physics

  1. Dawkins is immersed in a mildly irritating but addictive vulgarity; the qualities making international stars of a few burlesque dancers.

    He was hugely interesting for a while but ever expanding theories on the unknowable saw audiences walking out. *Yawns*

    “I have no respect for much religion and refuse to demonstrate such. All I can say is the odd believer I’ve met has turned out to be decent, caring and so on.” I agree with you yet I always try my best to conceal scorn for religions.

  2. “With the benefit of hindsight and a little research, I now believe this sort of abuse by police is a daily occurrence. There are indications of covert police encouragement for officers who damage ‘prisoner’ property, especially hard to prove damage to top of the range vehicles. So beware if you drive an expensive car and police take a dislike to you.

    It was purely the nature of the inevitable accident that made headlines and brings the abuse to the attention of bloggers.”

    Oh, how utterly ‘unsensible’ of me ACO. I seem to have accidentally posted remarks here that concern the two uniformed Hale criminals who used police powers to seize a high performance vehicle.

  3. ‘I can only agree MTG – but I’d like a more sensible dialogue’

    Melv… you post clear and sensible here. I can read and understand with ease your postings and, for the most part, agree. I have to bite my tongue when dealing with the ‘Hi do you love Jesus?’ team too… so I am with you on that one…

    Its a pity you don’t keep that same clear minded, clear speaking turn of phrase when posting on Gadget and 200…

    I suspect though, you do it on purpose to get a response… a bit ‘troll-like’ …

    Why do it?

    You have a lot to offer…

  4. My written style is infuriating – somewhat mitigated by exaggeration of the fault in person, Shijuro.

    Double entendre aside, I never intentionally confuse. I read my own comments to acknowledge better ways I might have expressed an idea but the imperfection has no lasting influence upon me.

  5. The problems are day to day Melvin and we see only the tip of the iceberg. Cops have not even worked out how to keep victims informed and protected. They are so busy, yet have time to joy-ride on duty.

    We could organise them like factory workers – indeed, as I have jibed, replace them with cheaper foreign workers. This is not what I want to see, but it has been fair enough over the rest of our economy.

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