Let John Lennon’s Killer Out?

He’s up for parole again.  As a psychopath he has a better statistical chance of getting out than a ‘normal criminal’ (three times).  He probably won’t because the case is high profile – perhaps equating to not stopping school milk for under five’s?

Rather than the ‘merits’ of this particular case, I wonder why we have so little clue who is being dumped back amongst us?


9 thoughts on “Let John Lennon’s Killer Out?

  1. “I wonder why we have so little clue who is being dumped back amongst us?”

    It goes without saying that we remain in some ignorance of this problem whilst release is carried out on our behalf. Yet I cannot fully agree with your statement, ACO. Dangerous criminal psychopaths are ‘dumped back amongst us’ before any other category of prisoner. Even with correct checks in place on parole boards, it is almost certain that this often clever group will manipulate any system of early release.

    Psychopaths will absorb a prison education to facilitate detection avoidance. After securing early release, he/she has the potential to be the leading candidate in the category of ‘likely to re offend and not be caught’. For these reasons, it is irresponsible to release criminal psychopaths into the community without their constant supervision.

    Many prisoners are wrongly released on a perceived cost saving basis. However there is no way of avoiding an ‘either way’ high cost with pyschopaths and recidivists. Only politicians have the luxury of pretending those costs are not present.

  2. Even the thick ones manage it quite well MTG. We ha serious capital punishment for boys of nine not that long ago, complete with judges who opined on their evil. I now suspect we are doing nearly everything in the CJS for the wrong reasons.
    If I had been killed like Lennon and it was possible to have a say on the guy’s release my only concern would be whether he would re-offend and hurt others.

    • We all know the law is an arse. I can’t comment on Phil Olds without tears. I was luckier. Whilst it seems lousy to give shits like his killer anything other than a bullet, the system is so perverse and stuffy the sad bureaucraps running it need to face some censure to prevent them running the show more on whim than they do now. Jenkins is an interesting case on whether we can trust our forensic people at all, and I suspect we can’t. Justice works a lot through deterrence and a big part of that may about being deterred by the system’s unfairness.
      I am sure the current system is mad and serves the wrong interests, having lost much sense of fair-play. We will never get this back through bureaucracy. Some events, such as the slaughter of the Frog Chorus seem welcome until the guilt afterwards. Want a ticket anyway Julia?

  3. I remember that case. He should never have been released.

    And how can it possibly be right that a man found guilty gets a payout when a man never found guilty (Sion Jenkins) is refused one?

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