Conspiracy In Plain View

Conspiracy theories get a bad press.  How many times have we turned on to watch some ‘new’ revelations only to discover some Hill-billy clones about to tell the same old tale of alien anal probing after lights in the sky and several jugs of illicit Rye?  Hardly anyone is aware of real conspiracies like the War of Jenkin’s Ear or Suez.

We hardly dare talk of the real conspiracies.  Religion is the most obvious – utter tosh, men swanning about in long skirts, incense and ancient bullshit straight from the snake’s mouth.  Peace means war and the rest.  We are supposed to respect the clowns who profess to believe these lies, and endorse a history of vile wars, murder and worse.  One can see these vile Xtian, Islamic and other rituals being played out.  Who wants to keep us all beholden to this kind of ignorance? I’m actually quite religious, but I have no time for myth confused with history.  It’s place is dreaming of the future, not trapping us in idiot past.

The real religion is hidden. No one but a gawping fool could believe the stuff on show.  Talking snakes, 72 virgins, FFS!  We ‘all’ know this.  The real world is dirty.  Economics is the real religion and this is dirty too, mostly not working and a confidence trick.  Force is at the back of everything and we need to maintain a lead in that.  Just like religion, there are priests, like the Governor of the Bank of England and crazy people over at the Fed.  Just like the old Monasteries, they get rich and we don’t.   We are never told what they really do, the economists, bwankers and the ‘Iron Chancellors’, but we are told how essential, brilliant and utterly necessary they are.  I suspect,if they all died, we would only notice improvement,

I don’t know if anyone else understands what I’m banging on about.  In any enquiry I’ve ever done, lab-based,detective or academic, there was a phase testing basic assumptions and whatever I was being fed as ‘information’.  Why then, when we come to big social things are we so prepared to work with the wool so securely pulled over our eyes?

I have some of the ‘answers’, but in argument one constantly finds others utterly unable to drop the old ways.  It’s not that I’m always right.  I’m much more prepared to recognise when I’m wrong than most,but also less cowardly in the face of power so I will argue.  We should be asking why we are prepared to allow utter crap to stop our public arguments progressing (think of the vile Blair with Koran in pocket).  We know some of why we have nothing close of scientific discussion on social issues.

I suspect school milk is not a good idea.  I don’t know for sure.  I know scrapping it would make me look like a jerk to most.  I know everyone hates benefit fraudsters.  Policy is easy.  Yet in this, we have the seeds of the conspiracy.  Democracy doesn’t work through Reason, but the cunning manipulation of interests.  Bread and circuses.  We have known for centuries.  Who the hell is responsible?

Machiavelli pointed out this problem centuries ago, though much earlier literature is full of it.  That dark forces are at work is a no brainer.  The real questions are about why we are so resigned to this and can’t change of means of argument to stop the advantage always falling, like a computing default, to unworthy tricks that hide the actual problems we need to address.


3 thoughts on “Conspiracy In Plain View

  1. “I don’t know if anyone else understands what I’m banging on about….Who the hell is responsible?”

    The worst in our human nature is responsible. I do wonder how I could possibly find so hilarious, every serious attempt to get to grips with the dark side.

  2. That’s the easy answer MTG. Some way into dirty hands, dark side or whatever, we come to it as an ideology, which we could work on. There is endless philosophy, at its worse in Game Theories. I don’t see this as an essential problem with human nature. If it is, we are doomed as a species.

  3. ‘The worst in our human nature is responsible. I do wonder how I could possibly find so hilarious, every serious attempt to get to grips with the dark side’…

    mmm… true, Melv…

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