Crooked Afghans?

Reports have been circulating to the effect that various relatives of the awfully nice chap running Afghanistan have had it away on their toes with billions in aid money.  This is an old story on aid and money paid in bribes.

The question as I see it is why ‘we’ keep being so dumb as to keep paying out money like this knowing from history that it goes into the pockets of these ‘filthy foreigners’.  Whilst it seems possible that the politicians and businesspeople with very large bank balances are total idiots, there is an alternative view.

In a French episode of this stuff, involving selling submarines to Pakistan it seems some of such money was kickbacked into funding French election bids.  What might be the money trail of kickbacks of stolen aid and bribe money be in the general sense?  Aid and bribe money is dwarfed by capital flight from recipient countries.  Could the money ‘lost’ in Afghanistan (which could have done something like doing up the homes of our soldiers’ families) have kicked back much closer to home than a wad of cash stuffed into an account in Dubai?

We don’t know much about the trail of such stolen money.  Documentaries tend to stop at the wall of Johnny Foreigner.  They are always beyond our jurisdiction – very convenient.  It’s very hard to imagine those doling out aid and bribes don’t know what they are doing and benefit themselves.


3 thoughts on “Crooked Afghans?

  1. I worked amongst the golden grease. Education is as bent as international arms trading in this sense. The same story is being told on aid and bribes as in the 60’s. Have we learned nothing or is it a cover story? No brainer. I even suspect Mandela. I dislike racism – but African politics and society is riddled with it.

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