Antisocial Neighbours And House Prices

One can only sympathise with anyone who finds they have moved in next door to an antisocial idiot, or like us in the past had such a family moved in.  That the criminal law is ineffective is obvious.  ASBOs and the like only work on people like us who don’t need them issued.  The law needs radical change.  One hopes this case succeeds but it’s doubtful any compensation can really account for the damage done.

The scary issue is that we do seem capable to moving people who have a political point to make away from their protest sites, but can’t do much, if anything, about people causing distress through violence, intimidation and noise where it really hurts others in their homes and neighbourhoods.

Anyone caught up in such circumstances may as well just move.  Even this is made more difficult as one is expected to declare the problem before selling.This will probably make your property unsaleable.  One of the reasons we buy houses is to be away from the shits.  You may, strangely enough, be better off in council property, weird as this seems.

If you watch neighbours-from-hell television, notice how much evidence the victims often have and the constant replication of counter claims by the perpetrators.  My guess is most victims need solutions on the spot from cops able to confiscate ghetto blasters and the rest, and able to get everyone in court for meaningful binding over and directions from the court on what will happen on breach.  We have to bite the bullet and make it illegal to do anything in your home that infringes the peace of neighbours criminally illegal.


4 thoughts on “Antisocial Neighbours And House Prices

  1. Interesting AB. We have adopted liberal policies for the last 50 odd years. These have supposedly given individuals more freedoms but have in reality impinged heavily on the freedoms of others. Now we have left wingers calling for right wing powers and punishments for those that use their freedoms but blight their lives of others. Has the tide turned at last?

  2. I don’t really do left and right these days Bronto. Freedom always implies freedom from as well as freedom to be able to do – so it has to be structured under decent laws. As for the tide turning, Ambush Predator has no problem running her excellent eye over disasters in our legal system almost daily. I’m inclined to see the druggie turds who blast out music alongside banksters stealing our money and numbskulls who text and use mobile phone whilst driving or in the quiet bit on the train as much the same – they have a ‘it doesn’t apply to me’ problem. What we need is strict enforcement that still allows us to protest. I wish there was some kind of sea change.

  3. Interesting that this is the very reason that these HIPs were brought in, and yet there’s no criminal sanction for lying – you still have to pursue them in a civil suit.

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