Police Corruption At “New Highs”

Cleveland police chief constable Sean Price

Let’s face it – even Norman Wisdom couldn’t have done a better job than this guy on looking like a complete prat in uniform!  Guilty as charged!  Next!

Serpico must be turning in his grave.  Not much chance of a burned-out cop morality play from what’s going on in  Merrie Olde England or of a ten parter leading to the establishment of malpractice in recruitment and selection.  If this is all that’s going on I don’t see early hours arrests being at all necessary.  In academe we had principals and vice chancellors giving top jobs to their floozies and were told this was perfectly above board.  Why on earth should this be a criminal enquiry?  What’s criminal is the payment of £50K plus to this drip to stop other forces poaching him.  These dorks don’t drive down crime – they lie through statistics.  Sack the lot.  We wouldn’t miss ACPO types at all.


2 thoughts on “Police Corruption At “New Highs”

  1. Worshipful Bro Sean Price and his brethren had a very good run in Cleveland. In purely commercial terms, it was a huge success.

    And the next, please. Let there be light on Worshipful Bro Norman Bettison at Wakefield.

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