Moat ‘Mind’ A Total Bore

Channel 4 wheeled out a couple of psychologists to prove yet again that we are often in the hands of expert idiots.  Straightening turns out to be a local term for a fight to straighten things and we are told Moat liked to see himself as someone who could, now wait for it, straighten things.My,my, golly, gosh!  In fact Moat seemed to live in a state of pathetic, tit-for-tat damage and ‘sortings’ similar to those kids are supposed to grow out of.  It would have been interesting to see a programme on how people like him exist as mindless 14 year olds and nothing is done to sort that out by our schools and a variety of services across the welfare and justice arena.  He was clearly living with a lot of his ’empathy system’ shut down and could have been helped if there had been any serious rehab available, as in some of the best prisons about to be shut down.

What we should be interested in is the extent of the problem and how we might get to grips with it, not sad explanations of his psychology.  We are confusing life with our morbid interest in fictional psychopaths.


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