Wuckfits All

The denizens of West Bradford have voted Gorgeous George Galloway into office as their MP and by a substantial margin.  Galloway is a chancer of some kind, but no doubt a better man than shits like Blair, Brown, Osbourne, Cameron and my own MP.  His Respect Party  is not widely popular, but even this quirky bunch are better than Labour, the Libdems and Tories.  The question is why we can’t elect a whole bunch of quirky Georges and Georginas on the sole grounds of pissing off the current establishment.  A bunch on men and women in white suits would do, elected to bring and end to our current constitution while Mervyn King runs the country.  He can’t be all bad as he’d have preferred to be more successful as a slow left arm bowler than Governor of the Bank of England.

That the electorate isn’t fit to elect anyone is clear from our response to the petrol crisis over a strike that might happen after we get a week’s notice of it some time in the future.  We are queuing like Soviet citizens and pouring petrol into jugs in our kitchens with the gas stove on.

Some interesting research into why we are such barking wuckfits has been conducted on the US health system.  We are now constantly asked whether we are satisfied with service all over the place, from education through to whether our MPs are any good.  In medicine we are so useless at this that satisfied punters have a 44% greater likelihood of death in medicine than those who are unsatisfied (I’ll cite and summarise more on this when I’ve gone through the research – a gist can be found on naked capitalism).

Galloway has been getting in despite a really big mistake with Saddam Hussein and may be doing so on Muslim votes – I don’t know and would like to.  I’d vote for him if he stood here, just to get rid of the useless incumbent, David Crausby.  Of course, I really want to vote for someone like Martin Bell, promising substantial reform of the system itself.  We have to rid ourselves of the banksters.

More money has been spent on bailing the banks than on WW2 plus getting to the Moon.  To rejuvenate UK town centres they come up with a £10 million fund! (10 pence a business?)  The banks are also being lent money by government in a scheme in which they pledge their shit (worth nothing) and get loans at 1% which they then lend government at up to 6%.  We will end up with their shit and the bill for all the borrowing. It doesn’t build hospitals (and oddly we need fewer of them than we already have) and it will pay bankster bonuses.

We’re being had, fucked over like abused children and dependant on the abusers.  We are queuing for petrol at least two weeks before any strike, causing the same effects a strike might!  We have an electoral system so perverse George gets in, but even this is not as bad as what we elect to government!

George is right we should not be in Afghanistan, but Enterprise is now on station in the Gulf and von Cameron has been lauded by Adolf Obama.  I would guess whether the button is pushed has more to do with whether Obama thinks he can win the election later this year without a war – the Yanks always re-elect an incumbent at war.

The same scams are being used on us over and again.  My guess is that organised crime is now entrenched in our government through the banksters.  Throughout the EU, countries are expressing the government debt to GDP ratios without their liabilities to the EU.  In the US Freddie Mac and Fannie May were just repeats of the Mafia scams in the thrifts a couple of dozen years before (Neil Bush would have been President if not embroiled in this).  The trick is to get hold of  sensible money used to fund housing in order to create Ponzi schemes – and I suspect the clamour to reduce government spending is the forerunner to more of this.  The idea is to manage ordinary money in accounting scams that rely on ever increasing asset prices for long enough to have it away with mega-bonus money, leaving the unwanted shell behind and the debts in the hands of tax payers.  Greece is now one such  shell.

Nero at least played his own fiddle while Rome burned – we just watch news utterly unrelated to the severe problems we are facing.  Galloway’s win in West Bradford was his third – yet Millibore is only now off there to find out why.  Any decent guy would reflect on why he didn’t see the obvious coming and resign.  Note his ACPO and IPCC style ‘we must learn the lessons’!  It’s the Muslim vote Eddie!  George doesn’t stand where they ain’t!  They have more sense on this than the rest of us.

The answers are obvious – as is the fact we don’t give a damn and too scared to put ourselves on the line.  How do they get this cowardice into us?