Dale Farm Travelers and “human rights”

Given how long this saga has been running, could we have ‘traveler’ spelled with only one ‘L’ please?  As to the rest of it, Dispatches got to the root.  We don’t like what some travelers do and other travelers don’t stop them doing.  This involves miserable criminality from fly tipping, criminal damage and on to dismal con tricks, slavery and clowns who think armed robberies don’t hurt anyone.  Their culture is as internally racist as any.

The next consideration is why a council is spending £18 million of these bad neighbours when they won’t spend much smaller amounts on non-traveler scum.  Caught in the middle of current clown economics are decent travelers and many more of our own, stuck without affordable housing.  I doubt people hate travelers because they are travelers and anyone who does is a clown.  Being pissed off with people because of criminality, nuisance, filth creation and bad neighbourliness is a different matter.

No high-blown human rights issues really matter in any of this, as the arguments apply to all of us and thus use of this stuff for one small group is inflammatory.  We have a problem with poverty and social order across the board and refuse to deal with it. There should be sites for travelers with decent facilities and they should agree to stop protecting their own when they criminally transgress and stop using common resources without respect and forcing clean ups from our taxes.  But there should be housing for our own poor and isn’t, so is it remotely fair to single out travelers for favourable treatment?  What human right gives to one and denies another?

Eight Amish men are in jail (or were recently) because they refused to put orange safety triangles on their buggies.  This is a much smaller breach of law than what’s gone on at Dale Farm.  It’s stupid, but then that’s what we are in these situations.  They way the travelers present themselves as family people is fine – yet if this is how they came across in dealings with us, unless we’re turds, there would be no problem.  The truth is a long way from this.

I’d grant planing permission on the former scrap yard with severe conditions of tenancy making evictions of bad behaviour reasonably easy.  I’d build social housing with the same conditions.  Like many others, Dale Farm travelers are victims of their own scum – it’s time to deal with scum across the board and stop clown notions of racism being forced on us.