Our Cowardly Cops, Politicians and Town Hall Scum

If you have seriously criminal and antisocial neighbours, the only alternatives are to move or kill them.  Anything else will stress you to fuck or leave you burned to death by the scrotes or your own hand.  The classic cases are those of the Cochranes and Pilkingtons.  If I’d killed the shitbags who used to live next door seven years ago, I’d have been out three years ago, their kids would have more chance in life and my partner might still work as an investigator of the very police corruption that fucked us good and proper, her own allegedly independent outfit proving to be worthless lackeys.  I’d be in better health too and would already have written this book!

Part of the evidence of what is going on is in police blogs.  Inspectorgadget and his book remain the market leader.  The cops know what is going on, but are nowhere to be seen when victims need someone to make a stand.  Guys (of whatever sex or orientation) who wade in like a rugby league team in a grudge match when iron bars are flailing, turn to quiescent, embarrassed wallflowers when it comes to criticising their own organisations and situation.  Hence the blogs.  Safety valve stuff.  Cops prove every day they ain’t cowards and every day that they are.  We are all like this, and if I point to cops as cowards, I’m pointing at us all.  A deeper explanation is needed than ‘finger-pointing’.

One way into a broader approach is to think about ‘foul language’.  You can get done on our streets for mouthing bilge like “fuck you copper”.  All kinds of people will treat you with disdain if you swear.  Yet the same people will do nothing about vile, aggressive swine making your life a misery, puking the shit out all day and every day in the street outside your house.  Tell a cop to “go fuck itself” and you risk arrest (though most of our cops are not this sensitive).  The same cop may run away leaving your violent neighbour threatening “to fucking have the grassing cunt” outside your house, whilst in an aggressive frenzy and pointing at you standing in your own front room.  When you go out in your dressing-gown and slippers, asking why the cop and his mate are driving off whilst a criminal offence is being committed and leaving decent people under threat, his mate may come at you in an aggressive manner.  There may be a later apology, and some fetid excuse about it being a Saturday night, no back up and they were leaving because they might get no help if things kicked off.