More Islamist Terror Plots Foiled?

Intelligence Services have saved us yet again, this time from Islamists who might just have begun plotting Mumbai-style commando attacks on Germany, France and the UK.  No prisoners, no actual attacks and apparently no arrests likely.  I can see the planning stage now.  It ends with ‘very cunning Mohammed, but how do we paddle these inflatables all the way to Britain?’

It’s great to know the people who plotted with Israelis to invade Egypt in the Suez crisis, didn’t spot 9/11 coming, missed the UK plots that followed, convinced Blair there were WMDs in Iraq but had missed Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and seem hardly to have captured anyone that might be an actual terrorist have yet again saved us from people we will never know, due to them leaking the important activity to the press by accident.  One might think that they would have protected such vital information, rather than given it to Bob Quick to show to all the world’s press?  Isn’t it time they shot an innocent Brazilian, an Islamic innocent in his own home and spread paedophile rumours again?

Meanwhile, I predict some stupidly confused Irish turkey will kill young children in Cheltenham, whilst several divisions of SIS hunt me down as a potential threat to their bonuses.