Speed Cameras: must we lose these faithful retainers?

Supporters of the speed camera, which first appeared in Britain in 1992, claim research shows that they reduce deaths and serious accidents by 42 per cent. Other research suggests that the historic rate of decline in serious road accidents has actually slowed since the cameras were introduced.  The Department for Transport admitted “unwittingly” misleading the public over the benefits of speed cameras. The department said a claim that the cameras reduced serious accidents by 42 per cent on its website would now include an explanation that other research suggests the rate is at least half that level.

I don’t care.  We were told these things made a profit at one time, and are now seeing them closed down in cost-cutting exercises.  Don’t you just love the new air of freedom this gives?  School milk nearly went too.  The £50 million could probably be better spent.  It would fund a third of the fines we owe the EU for not flying their flag and logos.  I just love the focus on the really important and the refocusing of research findings to suit.  I rather liked the little yellow guys.  Maybe we should hand them over to the EU and let them extract the flag-fines in that manner?