Fair Shares

Huge numbers of people don’t do their fair share.  I’m constantly amazed anyone thinks they do.  We have some squalid evil poor families that cost, say, 250K a year by the time you take their benefits, legal aid, social workers, housing and various crime and vandalism costs into account.  We have footballers, bwankers and all many of worthies in charge of letting kids die and so on costing as much.  Claims from left and right are that such is ‘justified’.

We need something new.  The idiot right wants us all working as serfs for a ‘globally competitive wage’ (i.e. we all drop to Chinese levels) – serdom.  Idiot Sino-formerSoviet notions actually produced that.  But wages have been in real decline in the west for 30 years as productivity has markedly increased.  The bread of circuses of all shades of our government have been bought through debt.  There is no example without this once you include public and private debt.  The rich have been taking a vastly bigger slice.  I’d argue there is a Politburo in the West – unable to establish itself in government, it has merely used other means..


There’s no point in bleating on work ethic in any of this – the term may as well mean a bad pass from Rooney on the field or to an ageing prostitute.  There are no fair shares.  We can’t have them because the morality is not in our own hands.  We need something radical and are too scared of the responsibility.