Police Brutality Misses the Point


We’ve probably all seen the CCTV of a squaddie being roughed-up by three cops in the road outside a nightclub.  The two regular officers were not considered culpable, the special is likely to got to jail.  The violence seems not to be the point to me.  Police lied in court at the guy’s first trial and have been ‘found out’ by CCTV.  The guy on the floor had form for making a nuisance of himself after drinking (like many of us no doubt, whether convicted or not).  The CCTV seems to have appeared after the perjury.

I don’t like what Lightfoot did, but would have thought a dressing down from the sergeant present enough.  Both the regular officers failed to intervene and tell the truth.  The real point here is that our cops feel under so much pressure not to tell the truth and that the CCTV was missed (the best evidence).  Dealing with violent drunks is very difficult – what bothers me is we let officers down and have the culture of lying and collusion on evidence and lack of supervision.  This leads to a guilty man getting off and police officers (what about the prosecution?) getting in to trouble when really they should not.  The two regular officers do not seem to have been charged with just being there allowing it to go on, as the public have been in a number of incidents.  Questions about how much lying and skewing of prosecutions is going on arise from an incident that should just have been a simple arrest.