Student Protests

Why on earth do we have to have protests like the ones going on recently?  The reason lies in a pretty dire political process that has long since failed to modernise and be representative.  Yet, in the meantime, we expose front-line police officers to what can only be thought of as abuse. This will surely get worse if other people start to protest or riot.

The protests barely bring the real issues to the fore, and police prevent the anger and bitterness reaching its real mark, presumably Parliament.  Without disorder, it seems the media can’t get interested.  Democracy should not need to be defended like this on either side.  One would expect the violence to escalate once the private sector cavalry don’t show up and unemployment grows amidst claims of recovery.

Our police have already given up other streets and problems faced by many ordinary people, and one wonders why they are now protecting our worthless politicians, though the power reasons are obvious – they are serving the masters.  I find it particularly appalling that we should attack our police in the UK, or that we should face mounted attacks, kettling  and batons (though it is hard not to justify the police actions).  The question is why reasoned ‘attack’ cannot be made, from anti-social behaviour to a culture in which we feel our views are understood and more directly represented.  Not much comfort to either a poor cop facing projectiles, or an innocent bystander.