Any way past political ass pipes?

I’ve been more interested in politics than most people all my life.  Now, I don’t vote and am sickened by almost any coverage except satire.  I’d vote for David Mitchell if he was a political  party.  I’d be for capital punishment if we could trust our legal system and believe we should create a society decent enough for no ‘welfare state’ to be necessary.  Salmond and Sturgeon look more like politicians I can stand than any of the clapped-out cretins we elect in the UK, as do a few ‘Europeans’.  Like everyone else, I was utterly patronised by “AV” and would only have voted if there had been a  ‘sod off I want deeper change than this’ box.  Mitchell got this entirely right on the 10 ‘O’ Clock show.

I’d have double-tapped Bin Laden as easily as I would ten families of scrote round here, but see Bush and Blair as worse and as murderers.  Cameron is Blair as much as Blair was Thatcher in drag.  God alone knows what Clegg is.  I specially avoided coverage of the Royal wedding, yet still witnessed more of this dross than anything on AV.  I am almost totally non-violent, don’t care what colour, creed, sexual orientration and other such boring crud is raised up by people who really can’t understand what should be important anyone is.  I am concerned if creed means forcing women to live in black bags, and thinking it’s OK to bully others, and that “I am” so pure I can do ‘tap-tap’ rather than engage in due process.

I think it’s time for global peace and know this isn’t a matter of leaving dire clowns to become strong enough to force Islamic, Xtian or other guff down my throat.  I know this raises issues about me forcing my scientific views down anyone else’s throat too.  I have scrubbed about with Xtian,  Muslim and all shades ‘after tight pussy’ (and women on the trap) and even crawled brothels (i was a cop) with no intent other than the company or job, sat at the feet of gentle Mullahs and opened the batting with the Vicar and smoked tabs with Taliban (they were off-duty).  My life was once saved by the leg of a one-legged prostitute, a cowardly police sergeant running away (he got his).

I want a politics that allies decent people.  There is none.  I’ve kept protestant from catholic, husband from wife and even vile Nazi from the crowd (not my doing, just scheduled duty).  Officialdom is so bad I’ve lied, cheated, stolen and so on to get round it for some kind of justice.  I’m uncomfortable I didn’t do more.  I will.

I watched my newsagent spend time with an old woman in front of me in the queue today.  He apologized and I said it was a pleasure to see him bothered to put the time in.  Asian bastard I think not.  Where is our politics?  Beautiful music on Joels Holland now – yet I would use all my trained killing skills on the turds going by blaring trash from their car stereo.

The rudeness of general society appalls me and I want it stopped – but I am not fucked off by assigned rude words.  The musak of  ASDA and political-speak get to me.


Heard too much on Usama already?

The death of a batty, disabled old guy would pass unnoticed if highly trained government killers had not swooped into foreign territory to do it.  Maybe they should have sent me.  I could have chatted about blood disease on an empathetic basis before I shot him in a mercy killing.  It didn’t take us long here to forget our own shooting to kill events in Gibraltar and Northern Ireland.  Laughable term ‘shoot to kill’ – you’re in more trouble here if you discharge your firearm in an incident not involving it.

The term ‘justice is done’ has featured a lot.  So there was due process in this, was there?  Don’t get me wrong – young and able enough I’d do such duty.  I’d be the ‘Man Who Killed Liberty (add despots to taste) Vallance’.  I’d vote for hanging Bush, Blair and a few others.  I favour Usama dead than being kept alive at our cost rather than using the resources to help poor kids.  If our legal systems were any good, I’d be really concerned at the abuse of due process.  What really worries me is the whipped-up reaction in the West.  Frankly, I’m more worried that our Plod arrested blokes making a fair protest with a guillotine as street-theatre diversion from the boredom of the Royal Wedding.  One hopes the Arab Spring is real (the Prague one wasn’t).  We may need to move to die in the serenity of democracy!

Bin Laden’s Death Brings No Peace

Who was the greater war criminal – Bin Laden, Bush, Blair and so on?  We do not generally consider Moses a war criminal, but he clearly is in Numbers 31.  Wars, of course, often progressed through killing the men and taking the women and ‘other’ livestock.  Later Western conquests have often been through disease.  We seem broadly incapable, across the globe, of accurate history.  I know of no country teaching such a syllabus.

It takes an idiot to make glory of the past and want to be a medieval warrior.  I suspect they were shits to a man, outside of fiction and myth.  Terrorists fade into heroic freedom fighters.  More will die as misguided souls pay tribute to  Bin Laden the martyr.  I shed tears in advance for the victims.

‘Saudi Arabia’ (a fairly recent invention) has been the ideological base for ‘Muslim terrorism’ for a century and a half.  British suppression of this in India was brutal and involved the hanging of whole families of men.  We have a sorry colonial record along with many other countries.  Ours is more recent than Mogul, Russian, Indian, Mogul, Shaka Zulu and so on.  The current empire is American, and not short on squalor (the Philippine War and so on).  One might ask what the world would look like now, had British, French and Russian forces bundled into the US in 1861, as intended.  We probably owe a considerable amount of the progress in what democracy we have to the USA.

It was an alliance of nations made up of Austria-HungaryFranceGermanyItalyJapanRussia, the United Kingdom, and the United States that invaded China around 1900 for imperialist trade purposes.  These countries were soon fighting each other in largely imperialist world wars.  My guess is we have as little clue now of what is brewing up.  I suspect Bin Laden and ‘international terrorism’ is a convenient cover-up of what we should really be discussing in public scrutiny.

The key question is what is between us and world peace.  This question is mostly dismissed as only for idealistic fools who know nothing of ‘real world politics’.  Some of the ‘answers’, of course, fit this bill.  Pulling down all our institutions in the hope of ‘truth lying in the main destruction’ (anarchist sloganising), and people being thus freed to live good, natural lives.  Those so crudely ‘natural’ should watch Japanese hornets beheading thousand upon thousand bees, like ancient warriors using short swords on the losers of mass battles.  Marxist ideology can be quite beautiful in its emancipatory form (see Terry Eagleton), but we have seen it only corrupted in the hands of power.  Even to think of society as the free individual writ large soon collapses to an exemplar of the ‘tragedy of the commons’, or if a team on bandits form.  The Athenian Democracy was almost always at war, imperialist, not for slaves and committed genocides – only escaping this fate itself on account of Spartan tolerance.

That we should be looking for real world peace, rather than Western dominance arises as much in technical progress as anything spiritual.  The potential for mass destruction may be becoming stronger, perhaps to the level of very few people and resources being needed to produce something like nuclear weaponry in destructive power.  The madmen may as well be Texan as Iranian or members of the Scottish Liberation Army.  Being at the top of a power hegemony may no longer be enough, something those of us living under the American umbrella should ponder on.  It is common in the Middle East to think of suicide bombers as ‘our F-16s’.  Much worse could be dreamed into practice.  Bin Laden pales against ‘Dr. No’.

We have to suspect we are being lined-up for a big war and who may be doing this and why.  We have to think why clowns like Bin Laden are revered, and why so many of us unwittingly rejoice at his death, through chants at Ground Zero to idiot newspaper headlines on his ‘cowardice’.  I am quite sure we want a world without Bin Ladens; yet we also need one without corrupt banking, money almost unrelated to work value and effort and so on.

To kill an old man

Bin Laden was on T-shirts across the developing world much as we once sported Che Guevara.  Probably killed by the same kind of people, if we can be bothered to think about it.  Che was a boyhood hero, but one grows up.  I have no time for Islam or other religions, though believe the spiritual has place in thought, sadly swamped by religious rot and gullibility exploitation.  In this space I have no room to rejoice at the death of a crippled old man by highly trained killers.  This does not prevent admiration of the skill and bravery of the men involved in the strike.  There is nothing to celebrate – or at least I thought this until I realised the alternative would have been more coverage of the ghastly Royal Wedding.

Bin Laden was never important, in much the same as Bill and Katie are not.  Questions as to whether this is a small part of raising the Middle East to a fever pitch and venue for a war to satisfy demands of super rich bankers, are the ones we should be asking, hopefully devoid of the old left and right squabbles that will doom the space from the Syrian Mediterranean to the Iranian Gulf, with Pakistan and Afghanistan left to a new version of the old Indian Empire.

Now, who’s up for a quick mission to get that old Nazi Ratsinger?