Bent cops,bent politicians, bent media?

In all the exposure of our pathetic politicians over duck houses and the rest our hapless Fourth Estate seem to miss the point.  We have been encouraging wide spread thieving for many years and pretending this behaviour is necessary to our economic well-being.  The “arguments”are that we need a system that allows us to pay vast amounts to keep people in the country, be it Wayne Rooney or superstar bwankers.  I now believe this attitude is a responsible as anything else for our inability to grow up and form modern societies.  The whole idea that markets can decide someone’s “worth” is almost total toss.

If other societies want to charge huge sums for people to watch soccer we should grow up and let them go on with it. It’s pathetic to let ourselves become beholden to such madness.  What sort of mentality have we sunk to to swallow guff about sports people, actors, bwankers and the rest being so much more valuable than ourselves?  We sack cops for blurting our ‘black bastard’ in the heat of a moment, but not SMT worthies who steal large bonuses and salary based on pretending to their political masters they are doing the job we want of them.  We imprison poor people but not our MPs for more or less the same kind of offences.

What gets me about this is that we have no proper way of action to do anything about it.  I saw a scheme I could reasonably cost the other day (with more information) about using sailing ships to produce our energy, pulling generators that eventually make hydrogen.   We are everywhere more concerned with plastic crap and spectating on excess or breeding kids into poverty than we are in trying to work on a society than might mean something.  We don’t seem capable of seeing the massive, obvious contradictions in what we are up to.  The feeble media is so far up the arse of all this it is of no use at all other than in maintaining the lunacy.  This is a world in which Rooney gets the millions he is worth, but we want cabin crew to dote on us for the sheer joy of it.  One in which our best people have to be motivated by bonuses more than many others can earn in a lifetime.  I should coco!

There are some major questions about what “evidence” has become in all this.    We have cops saying they acted worrying about weapon carrying women they lash out at, the threat being an orange juice carton and the CCTV looking like pretty grim bullying and assault.  The woman makes money from the press and doesn’t give evidence, probably not of good character (why this should matter in such a case is questionable).  We have MPs and peers clearly stealing money and whatever has happened there has been no open enquiry and a clear attempt at cover-up.  Those paying money back have no clue most of us think it is far worse to go thieving when you actually have money than out of poverty.  “Evidence” seems very plastic in all this.  All around this squalid stuff, we hear we must make su re our best people are encouraged into the very positions we see the current people abusing.  We seem to ignore the obvious fact that our “best” people are a set of incompetent thieves utterly incapable of owning up or letting independent scrutiny anywhere near.

Even in the hardest science, evidence is to some extent spun in theory.  I can hardly begin to explain how much ghastly dross and misunderstanding has been spread about this molehill made mountain.  What separates science from our everyday waffling is a genuine regard for evidence, the valuing of it ahead of abilities to spin invisible cloth.