Prosecution Conspiracies to Pervert the Course of Justice leads to a File on Four transcript on a number of miscarriages of justice.

My view is that there must be many more and we have a serious problem with our investigation procedures.  Denning’s refusal to admit to the appalling vista that turned out to be English justice is alive and blighting our country.  Not only are cops and others convicting the innocent, they are failing to bring the right  prosecutions.  My guess is that the basic issue concerns investigation being the critical point and that later review is likely to be based on false observations. We are seeing this from small police investigations through their major enquiries and  all similar agencies and on to so-called public enquiries.  What reaches review are stories fashioned as ‘credible’ by the parties interested only in conviction.  We need harder evidence than this in public scrutiny and also training in recognising just how much conjecture many cases contain.