It’s a gas! Shouldn’t we know more?

“We have as much gas per square mile in Bowland as the successful North American shale plays,” said Mark Miller, Cuadrilla’s chief executive, in an interview. He said the company found nearly four times more gas than it was expecting to discover.

The discovery of such vast resources—200 trillion cubic feet would be enough to meet U.K. gas demand for 64 years—comes at a time when the U.K.’s conventional gas fields are in steep decline and as it is becoming increasingly dependent on imports such as liquefied natural gas from Qatar and piped gas from Norway. (this from New York Times)

I can’t pick up the definitive story from various published surveys.  One can pick out some potential problems in producing and using this gas, but it looks like we should already have coordinated effort to produce technicians and engineers in our universities in order not only to exploit these resources in the UK, but across the EU.  We should even be planning industry and agricultural exploitation of the gas.  Instead, even Channel 4 shows pictures of people with lightable water taps.

The Bowland basin may create as many as 7,000 primary industrial jobs (triple that with services) and sensible use of the gas could open up new industries and agriculture if we don’t piss it down the drain as with North Sea oil.  The story hasn’t unfolded fully yet, but why are we so uninterested?  Especially as the banks have tried to sink the country with all their non-productive thieving?