Microsoft Games For Windows Live Hacked

I don’t usually leave my bank details anywhere on line, but Microsoft make it very difficult to remove them when you set up an X-Box of live account.  Mine has just been hacked – my grandson’s really.  What gets me is Microsoft have known about this for several months and done nothing – other than deny a problem.  My bank are treating it as theft-fraud and \I’ll get the money back.  I wish there was an alternative trustworthy in the games market – I’ve found them all dire over the years.  In the current scam the hackers have been taking Microsoft points for months now.  Given the thieves are buying Microsoft Points you have to wonder how the manage to use them and divert whatever they get from the owner’s account.  I’d go for an inside job.

The general level of customer service in this area is sub-zero.  EA Games – now Origin are dire too.  They can’t get much right, taking ages to have anything in place and broadly not giving a damn about ripped-off customers.  I suspect this area may be the next in line from booze and cigarettes as a health hazard.