Why Do We Wealth Distribution Like This?

Breakdown of aggregate wealt: by deciles and components, 2006/08

This is how ONS illustrates who owns Britain’s wealth.  I gave up thinking the world was fair or that I was being told the truth about it as a teenager.  Clearly, the economics that distributes wealth as unevenly as this relies on lots of people stupid enough to think it’s a good idea to let 10% own nearly everything.  Dupes that dumb are unlikely to know any economics, but there are lots of economic reasons why this state of affairs isn’t healthy.

It’s time for real change, or we’ll be off to war.

In the USA, they now spend more than $650 million on their prison system (which is often in private ownership).  This is more than they spend on medicare and medicade – what arsewipes could think that a good idea.  Britain has probably spent more than £30 billion on the wars around Iran (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq) – which is about half the cost of the new high speed train link that might happen between London and Manchester.  The Yanks are probably in for three trillion.

War is coming more likely than you think.  Uncle Sam is as broke as Nazi Germany and for much the same reasons.

Whatever interests lie behind wealth distribution in the chart and through the more complex processes of financial propaganda and war, we should be sorting them out instead of going to war to allow real looting now no one believes in money anymore.  We’re too lazy to take notice.

So we’re off to war.  Where?  Well we’re already at war with Iran.  The Yanks have surrounded Iran as surely as any set of film Injuns the wagon train.  The powerful financial interests don’t care much about where the war happens.

It strikes me that ‘we’ are a pathetic set of know-all teenagers when it comes to wealth distribution.  I didn’t find a single person in three pubs earlier tonight who knew how little of our own country’s wealth most of us don’t own!

We’re going to war.


Britain on D Notice – maybe we should get the F?

Wikileaks has been a disappointment.  It’s all a bit like the Telegraph with the ‘expenses CD’.  We surely know the Sunni hierarchies supported by the West would like Iran taken out of the power picture in their region.  And we should know enough of how language works to understand what is said behind the scenes is a lot different to public diplomatic language.    Our Government has been issuing D notices to try and stop embarrassing publications in our own press, despite the fact we should be able to go directly to Wikileaks to find out the Yanks don’t think much of Cameron, compared to those like Blair and Mandelson who look like their placed men.

Our civil servants have been in print for more than a century, telling us about ‘diplomacy as war by other means’, ‘statistics as misleading dross’, and how to reveal nothing to the public in long statements.  Goffman, an easy sociological read, sums a lot of it up and his work is from the 1950-60 era.

As a public, we should really be failing ourselves as largely uneducated, if we think any media frenzy on Wikileaks is any more than a distraction from the dirty reality of politics and the lack of any really free comment.  All of what Wikileaks is hyping-up will turn out to have been discussed and modelled in serious books and journals.  We just don’t read.