The Issue On Fox And Werity

There’s innuendo in the media that Fox-Werity might be a gay affair.  This hardly matters, but would sell copy.  It would be a fascinating triumph of magnificent deceit and risk.  The real issue is how our politics has come to the point at which “interests” can be so easily infiltrated into our government.  In recent years we can wonder how Blair worked his way through the Labour Party – was he CIA, when did he become a bag man for JP Morgan Chase etc?  Much effort was expended on whether Harold Wilson was a Soviet spy and we know about Burgess, MacClean, Philby, Blunt and other ideological spies.  How much easier for people working for interests more apparently on our side?  One can even make a case for Churchill as a JP Morgan bag man furthering general US interests (War Plan Red etc.) -who knows and how could we really know.

Fox has been ‘carrying on’with Werity in full view for over a year.  One might ask where our secret service was and the further question of what might be going on if this could happen in plain sight.  Most of us despise politics and only tiny numbers are party members.  How easy is it to use a bit of cash and support to establish a cadre of ‘sleepers’ one can control and supply with the kind of information that gives them advantage in the last phases of the race to the top of the greasy pole?  One can, after all, meet the banksters without the kind of suspicion that trips beyond the Iron Curtain used to engender.

Fox has been incredibly stupid – not a quality I want to see in the government of my country – and also entirely brazen.  He and Cameron clearly believed they could brazen things out against very clear evidence.  The interests involved are not the general interest of this country and I wonder whether treason is reasonable to suspect as in the case of the Cambridge spies and other loons.  I don’t fully know what damage they did, but we didn’t end up fighting wars and killing large numbers as a result of their infamy.

One might say that linking arms’ sales to other export projects is good for this country – and one can hold the opposite view.  One might favour the Israeli situation (I have a daughter there bur don’t) and other right-wing views (one can make a case for all kinds of stuff, including off shore banking and the American Empire as a good thing) – but this is not government and nor is associating so clearly with paid lobby as though this is government.