The Amanda Knox Witch Hunt

We have little idea whether Knox or her co-defendant did the crime.  As usual, we;d have to be on the jury to see if there is any evidence to rely on.  If the appeal fails I suspect she will try the Human Rights Act over the ‘witch’ accusations.  I think if such matters were put to me as a juror I’d just start to question everything the prosecution put forward – if they were concerned with such piss and wind I’d doubt there was any.  It’s even less relevant than the stuff dug up on the innocent Mr Jefferies by our hapless press, but this is coming out of the mouths of lawyers.  I also wonder what the general relevance of stuff on Facebook and the rest has on character – if we take this stuff as real be’d have to lock up a few million.

Newsnight produced some harpies to make out this is a feminist issue, but it’s wider than that.  Whether Knox offered it up on a plate is hardly relevant to much other than the wise man’s barge pole effect.  If she has some demonic shadows lurking you’d expect a psychologist to be explaining or an antecedent history of real events.  Otherwise I’d have put my hand up to ask the judge why he was letting us hear any of it, because if likely to be influenced by it I’d not be fit to be on a jury.

When I did jury service, we were instructed we could take notes but be careful this didn’t distract us from juror demeanor and such.  Most people are so hapless on behavioural cues they should be instructed to ignore them, especially as witnesses are coached.  The wider issue is our antiquated court systems.  It seems we can’t challenge some gold digging slapper (unless rich like DSK) as without credibility, but can appeal to crass Idols that are sexist elsewhere.  It’s embarrassing.


Real ‘Reason’ For the Riots and Police Cuts?

Part of the routine lying done before our last election ritual was that the Tories would sort out immigration.  One is used to our lying politicians.  I thought Blair was a Labour one until it became obvious he was some kind of CIA stooge planted to get us into war in Iraq.  I wonder what hold they had on him?  Well it turns out, as per Grauniad, that immigration is rising.  This is because enough of us are not now leaving for a bunker in Spain or Bulgaria.  Speculating on why our half-wit poor and those swept along with the crowd rioted is more or less hot air, but could the underlying reason for the riots lie deeper in a Home Office run by Gadget’s presumably former paramour, Ms. May?  With the usual blundering and waiting for some shiny statistic to emerge not working, perhaps she is manipulating police numbers and riot opportunities to make the country even less worth living in to encourage more to follow my lead and get out?  I merely use the kind of reverse non-logic involved in cutting police numbers (sorry – waste – must feel especially good to be made redundant as ‘waste’) just as a section of the public turns to ‘Argentinian shopping’.

Anyone else noticed the ‘eugenics’ going on through immigration?  Our employers seem to be claiming they are importing highly skilled and intelligent foreigners as our lot aren’t up to speed.  I’m not working with any and just notice my taxi drivers seem to have moved from pleasant-chatty to more or less incapable.  What’s the plan?  I had suspected a cull, 1930’s eugenics style – but our own disadvantaged seem to be breeding exponentially.

The ‘logic’ appears to be that even if our economy goes tiger (NO CHANCE) we’d still have to import labour as our own is incompetent  Bernanke – the guy who runs our economy – makes a speech in a couple of hours.  He will blather a bit and then give a lot more money from our pockets (via reactivating the dummy running the BoE to go copycat) to insolvent banks.  Warren Buffet put several billion into the broke Bank Of America yesterday, so he’s confident his preference shares will either receive 6% or he’ll get his money back in a bail out – he’s probably acted on inside information.  So we’re in for another QE launch that Europe will follow – it’s all about printing more Monopoly Money to keep the game going.

The policing issues in this economic twaddle look dire.  In Britain, most cops, like most people, have been able to view politics with disdain and not give a damn about it – at least since WW2.  We are at a point now, perhaps a tipping point, where policing may turn away from dealing with low-level crime (we have almost no sophisticated policing of white-collar crime in the UK) to public order.  Just hear the OT cash register ringing lads!  We may be about to see the job market collapse – governments are pouring money into banks, not job creation (at least not in the West).  The banks are covering their own arses – some of the complex accounting beggars belief – and the public is going to be very short of cash and potentially even food and housing.  A situation not unlike the Scottish Enclosures is with us in some parts of the world (Killing squads in Africa already turfing people off land) as our money (that we never see) seeks assets we are trying to buy (like homes).  In ancient Athens, Solon decided, once his mates had bought land with loans, to cancel debts – and one can see QE like this – massive loans given to cronies based on our collateral that can never be paid back, but could be cancelled in similar fashion – a bit like the last man not standing getting to own all the chairs in musical chairs.  Sky are doing a piece on Greece tonight (7.30 p.m.) which will give the gist of what may be coming here, though they’ll probably make Greece a special case – which it won’t been if bank contagion is a bad as many of us think.

Police may find themselves in almost the same position as the Army in the French Revolution – with that nasty choice of whether to fire on their own.  This may over-egg the pudding, but I’m seriously scared (mostly, admittedly about that bit of my pension linked to stock markets – I’m mostly in gold and commodities).  Nothing at all is being done to sort out what most of us consider the economy – secure jobs.  The riots this month may just be a blip compared with what’s coming.  We all hope it will go away, but this is what we have been doing since the Thatcher days and what’s happened has been class war that has indebted nearly all of us and transferred merely all wealth and liquid assets (cash) to the rich.  We have been too dumb to notice and public argument has been steered away from political consideration of it and still is.

Many of us who work or thought we had earned our retirements through work resent benefit payments, especially to cheating scrote.  Yet the amounts involved in this are trivial in comparison to what the rich have leached out.  This is all utterly clear in GDP and debt figures, but we are generally much to thick to cope with counting, preferring ideology and homily.  Work is beginning to approximate to Premier League soccer and even my beloved Rugby League.  Our own can’t get into the teams because of one-way international competition.  This despite all kinds of academies of sport.  Milk output is only about 30% ‘genetic’ and the rest environmental, but you ain’t gonna start ‘training’ the worst genetically endowed cows.

I’ve done too much teaching to believe in widespread intelligence of the sort our school qualifications indicate.  But the chickens of what’s been going on are coming home to roost and our politics offer no answers – thus we may expect some kind of attempt to change politics through street protests.  This should be a re-taking of the streets and politics by decent people – but we have seen the opposite so far and it seems no attention is drawn until buildings burn and shops are smashed.

I see  a bad time ahead and a big overtime bill.  I hope to be on a beach somewhere, or close-by writing my novel, reading about it three days late.  If there was a glimmer of sorting any of this out by some more work from me I’d stay.  There isn’t.  I can now work anywhere with electricity and broadband.  I may know some Marx (I preferred Veblen), but I’ve always been conservative in my view of national democracy.  I hope I wouldn’t have been as stupid as P.G. Wodehouse with the Nazis, but I did work for the World Bank and this may have been as bad.  I was one of 3,000 cops wondering why we were protecting a ‘fucking Nazi’ to allow him to march through Stockport in the 1970’s.  Now I might wonder that Marx surely didn’t mean for workers of the world to unite in my bloody country whilst keeping the EDL and Muslim fantacists apart!  What has come is madness. and political statements on immigration, jobs and public services as bad as ‘let them eat cake’.  The sad thing is that there are sensible answers.

I hope it’s obvious I don’t thin the Home Secretary engineered riots and police cuts just to get me and others to leave so she could claim a net reduction in immigration.  Yet tell me who is advocating any sensible reversal of wealth accumulation in few hands, decent jobs for all, full employment and a return to national values that you fit in with if you want to live here?  We are turning Japanese – but to understand this you need to understand some economics – and that’s not much of a British national trait.  For coppers, a fine traditional British breed, it’s going to mean bricks flying work, because our politicians are too crooked to tell the truth.

There is a point in policing when the cop has to think about whose side he is on.    We have rather assumed democracy as a given in this and some police feeling of current confusion about ‘what the public expects’.  Blair stated police must expect 100% support from politicians, but clearly all of us have scant regard for politics and politicians – in ‘true democracy’ police are answerable to the people and of the people.

Crap Cops Learning Lessons

The link is to a Wail story found via Dickiebo.  The story is typical of ‘those Gadget won’t print’.  Cowardly cops not doing their job, and not being brought to book through police complaints.  The Ian Tomlinson saga grinds on, long after his death.  The crap cop in that ain’t in jail either.  These are not isolated incidents – they are incidents made isolated by the non-working complaints system.  Lessons are not learned from them as they go on and on, with vile cop-toadies puking out the insulting jargon like ‘learning lessons’ making matters worse.  Anyone genuinely trying to complain is subject to vilification as a ‘nutter’, ‘cop hater’ and the rest.  It’s time, yet again to bring down the whole shebang of complaints against the police.  This, as Graham Smith has pointed out, is part of a pathetic vicious cycle that ends up with a new version of the same old crap.  The latest same old crap is the IPCC.

Complaints systems are problematic.  To work, they need to be established along with firm understanding that the organisation concerned will be transparent to criticism.  This is almost impossible in Britain.  We shit on our whistleblowers almost as routinely as vile Middle Eastern regimes.  Trying to do anything here is subject to our own ‘wasta’ system.  Wasta is the name for the corruption in countries like Iran, Baharain, Saudi and so on.  We have our own.  An extensive sociology is available.  People are blogging, writing books, we have Dispatches, Panorama and some genuinely critical journalism, but it is all to no avail in our dismal country.  As a boy reading about the Gulags, I was distressed about the forced labour forced to eat ‘boiled grass rations’.  Now, I can see old people dying of malnutrition in our NHS and meals unfit for my dog slopped up.  There is always some vastly overpaid turd around saying everything is hunky-dory.   The critical material around may as well be Samizdat, the undercover ‘voice’ of ‘subversive material’ found in the former soviets.  I no longer feel it is too strong to say our ‘performance management’ is in the shit league along with ‘wasta’ and ‘Samizdat’.  Indeed, the bread in the shit sandwich is now the filling.  The lunatics are in charge of the asylum and have been for so long we can hardly make this out.

Although I have massive sympathy with notions that ‘selfishness’ is at the root of our problems (Banksidebabble writ large if you like), I also know that ‘virtue ethics’ is not the answer.  This form of thinking did not help Plato, his memory-invention Socrates or even the admirable John Locke get past slavery.  Indeed, one thing evident in much ‘clever thinking’ can be just how smug it turns out to be.  Plato imagines ‘Guardians’ rather like himself, Spinoza makes out a politics aimed at defending people rather like himself and some donkey-professor of  happiness tales his £70K for years, only to pronounce that being more happy leads to happiness.

My partner is just introducing our new puppy to the cats.  There are arguments we should not keep the animals given global warming and human squalor elsewhere.  I expect a treatise from the cats soon!  We have our foibles.  We need simple answers to our human problems, yet the first stage of this, if we are not content with shooting all those of promoted rank across our society, will be unraveling the complex myths and idiocy of current society.  I will start buying the Grauniad again – though any reading will be secondary top its use in pup-potty training.