We Could Never Have Predicted [insert vile crime to order]

There are certain phrases in damage limitation (lying) that we should regard as giveaways to cover-up and incompetent investigation.  The first is surely anything like “we must learn the lessons” and a close second is “no one could have predicted the disaster”.  There is a whole lexicon.

Where is any evidence of organisations like police forces, town hall muppet factories or the government and civil services actually learning anything from mistakes other than covering them up better?

Is there any evidence any of the above are worse, as good, better than anything we could benchmark against?

We allow them all to investigate their own problems, and often discover, as soon as anyone from outside gets a look in, that they’ve been covering-up.  Let’s mince no words – the bastards doing the covering up are killing the next child, forcing the next Fiona Pilkington into suicide and (technically) murder.  They are total jobsworth shits.

What evidence is there that any of these serious case reviews or police and local authority complaints ever work in the sense of finding the truth?  I c an’t believe there is any, because none of the system,s are actually independent and none gather evidence independently or allow complainants to see and contest whatever the authorities put forward.

I suspect, in many cases, reasonably decent and bright people could predict the disasters.  You only have to look at some of the mega-contradictions – at Little Ted’s there was ‘an ideal environment for child abuse’ yet no one could have predicted what the dreadful munter did? – in the Cochrane case in Wythenshaw, no one could have predicted that the3 family would be burned to death, even when there had been a previous attempt and their door smelled of petrol (this amongst many other incidents) – no one could have predicted Moat despite his threats – I suspect we are being dealt utter crap.  And underlying this, I suspect our institutions are not fit for purpose and can’t be because no one ever takes responsibility, apologises or acts like a concerned, compassionate human being who might understand ‘sympathy squared’.

In the Little Ted’s case, the ugly munter was going about talking about sex and showing porn on her mobile phone, apparently working as a prostitute and whoring to get her MOT – in the report but not detailed as evidence.  Anyone dare to examine the canteen gossip of cops, town halls and the rest?  What we can see in blogs is only the tip of an iceberg.  There are vile and vicious rumour mills and character assassination ‘schemes’ in place that make clown-concepts like ‘institutional racism’ pall.  The serious case review at the nursery is childish in its understanding of such stuff.

The Little Ted’s serious case review is written by someone who can’t see that having mega-numbers of clown-clots from all over the Town Hall fannying about noticing the place was crap and doing nothing about it was the first problem (question here is what kind of tossers are they employing who can’t raise the concerns? – plus what kind of shite culture do they have at the Town Hall?) and that the second problem is that they are blaming anyone else (we all know by now, surely, that Ofsted is a rubber stamping company) but themselves and using yet another bit of rhetorical abuse of victims – ‘no communication protocols were in place’.  There should be mass competence sackings at Plymouth Council – you can’t keep staff so cowardly and so pathetic they could not ring Ofsted and start a proper complaint.  What chance any member of the public getting a fair shake when even council officers can’t complain?

Widespread sackings are now need ‘pour encourage les autres’ – it’s time to end blogo-gadget and bring in confidential reporting to public scrutiny as a requirement of the job.  If we let these jobsworths continue behind closed doors things can only get worse.  The Little Ted abuses might and probably would have been stopped if a mess of Plymouth Town Hall flunkies had done their jobs.  The abuse would have been stopped indirectly by bring the place up to scratch.  If we don’t believe this is likely, why do we bother trying to establish and maintain standards at all?

We ‘foresee’ many acts of criminality and violence – otherwise we would not bother with a police force – and the same is true from aircraft investigation to manufacturing quality procedures in their fields.  The engine that blew up on a Quantas plane the other day could not have been foreseen, but this isn’t the point.  The point is to reduce such incidents to a bare minimum.  So why are worthies all over from IPCC commissioners to the clods responsible for this clown case review and Gadget-plus-lookalikes forever using this non-excuse?  The question is whether the system is appropriate and the best we can do.

Plymouth Town Hall is lying to us about Little Ted’s.  Their people were all over this nursery, spotting how crap it was and doing nothing about it.  Pc Rathband has been blinded thanks to senior officers in his force not pulling officers known to Moat from  patrol duty – that the civilian is dead might be less unacceptable in risk management, but it’s hard to believe cops did not know Moat had access to guns, making this business look like the crass-Gadget stance that no one can do such risk management (would he say this at a promotion board?).

The real question in all this kind of stuff is whether we have decent systems that will only be ‘beaten’ by determined scrote and crooks.  There will be bad incidents, but how do we design so as to prevent as many as reasonably possible?  Pc Rathband was not protected as he should have been by a half-bright senior officer (why did no one work out cops like David could be most at risk because of previous dealings with Moat? – why has no one been sacked? – why did Northumbria not have any half-bright senior cops?).  Kids at Little Ted’s were not protected despite town hall worthies being all over the place, despite Ofsted.  The problems here are not about people being able to carry mobile phones, or interview techniques.  It’s because we have become docile, incapable of saying boo to a goose and have dreadful liars placed throughout our organisations, public  and private, from Haringey to Enron.