Lying, Bliaring

Why do  we think it’s a good idea to allow massive differences in wealth?  Do we really believe some people really work so much harder, smarter and so on than the rest of us? Do we really think people should be allowed not to work just because they have plenty of money and that scum should have to work because they have none?

I hear all kinds of rubbish about hard work, work ethic, bonuses, talent and other stuff that makes no sense in terms of what work is really about.  It’s better explained in Family Guy as a teacher’s fine words on educating children turn to rushing off calling them brats as she wins the lottery.  If we all loved work so much none of us would even enter a lottery.  And given we’d all give up work on winning, much of what we say about work just isn’t true.

We lie about our religions of peace too.  Finally, like Blair, we turn Catholic and ask for absolution for war crimes.  I wonder what the CIA had on Nulabour’s finest?  Robert Frost’s book had Mrs. Blair as the CIA mole – mine would have him in trouble in his Elvis leather days doing charity work with young girls and an incident in that he was helped through.  A  young boy would fit the Catholic profile better!