What if the BNP would crawl back under its rock?

A poll that will be hyped later today has discovered that many of us are pretty right wing really, and would vote or consider voting for am anti-immigration party, a matter not just of typical indigenous whites here, but also many of our more recent ethnicities.  It seems the far right parties ally themselves too much to fascist thuggery for most of us.  I noticed long ago that politics in Britain offered no one I wanted to vote for.  I really hate people being treated unfairly for any reasons, know racism is rubbish (but also that it is practiced everywhere by most), and doubt much that goes on in our societies is fair.  I believe we are dominated by the interests of  a small number of very rich people ( an ‘establishment’) and that economics is as much a confidence trick as that practiced by elites who claimed to control the water supply by contact with the water gods in ancient Peru.  I believe sports stars should burn brightly, briefly and become green grocers or teachers after they have played a few games too many.  I’d like to see an end to retailing and celebrity circuits – why not junk the lot into one large, hard-labour based, compulsory sitcom?

I’ve often wondered what it is that turned international politics fascist, nationalist-socialist and clown-marxist a century ago.  We have no politics now.  There’s a spreadsheet they are allowed to play with by whatever and whoever constitutes power.  We now have Tory Twaddle Tossers instead of ZanuPFNulabour, and they will shit more on the poor – but the poor are just pawns no one cares about other than in terms of the rhetoric that turns people out to vote.  I suspect many of us would rally to a peaceful ‘enough is enough’ focus on immigration and religionisation, if only the worst elements of politics 100 years too old were not connected with it.  I am not sure the BNP are so indecent, but perhaps we could have a sensible totem around which to rally without them?  Do we really have to be racists to protect our own ground?