Obama fails to plead the 14th – we move closer to doomsday

The hype over the Us debt ceiling in our media has been witless.  There is now a deal and it’s one that makes no economic sense.  What it demonstrates, like our own Condemlibbers, is that the rich are running the show and none of the rest of us matter. Austerity is a mug’s game, other than in household budgeting or corporate housekeeping.  Obama could have shown some balls and used the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling and forced the barking Republicans into war with the Tea Party clowns.  The great black hope is now laid as waste as all the under-sized heavyweights until Klitscho.

Much as we have come to hate welfare dependency and the evil poor, this is not the reason for economic decline.  The bottom 10% in our country hardly make a blip on the wealth of our country (see the ONS figures) and they (have to) spend whatever they get and thus help keep businesses afloat.  The problem everywhere is the rich, a bunch of thieving swine who are playing crooked games made legal.

I’d be all for austerity if it was coupled with structural changes like a genuine greening of the economy, the way we relate with each other and the production of social capital and new forms of entertainment and leisure.  Instead, we have a clown form that cuts the number of cops, slashes services, charities and hardly produces a decent job.

This is all happening at a time when we have truly amazing technologies to produce energy, food, housing, communities and a genuinely educated society.  I’d put it in terms of this thought experiment.

“Would we be better off losing the bottom 10% of our people or the top 10%”?

The sad truth now, I suspect, is that we would easily survive either, but be much better off if we could redistribute the wealth of the top 10% into radical social and work change.  Of course, if the wealth of the top 10% just went to government we’d see very little change.  The wealth needs to be in circulation paying people to do stuff and re-invest wages in change.

We won’t get any sense from the goon-class of politicians that serves the rich.  This is the Doomsday road to serfdom, led by the country we once thought the beacon of democracy and capitalism – now become the military fiefdom of robber barons.  Even America can’t produce jobs and has one in seven on food stamps and half its population poor.

The infamous double-dip is more or less with us, and as cops line up for decimation, we’ll find many other jobs disappear, inflation making families unable to pay bills and even food shortages in some homes.  The IMF is predicting £1500 a year lost per family over the next five years.  That’s about the same as we’ve spent in Iraq and Afghanistan in money, before we count the lives taken and those of our own lost.

It won’t be long before one set of clowns or another start venting spleen against the newly thinned blue line.  The brick flying in Toxteth is linked to Obama’s failure to plead the 14th.  Nothing in the politics in polemic here justifies any violent action against police officers.  I personally abhor the juvenile crap.  It’s all a long way from a couple of us in uniform facing 10,000 pickets and being offered butties and tea.  NI looks likely to kick off again too.

One might think, by now, our democratic leaders would do more to head off street demonstrations with alternatives the other voices in our society could deem fair and worthwhile.  I know none.


Why Do We Wealth Distribution Like This?

Breakdown of aggregate wealt: by deciles and components, 2006/08

This is how ONS illustrates who owns Britain’s wealth.  I gave up thinking the world was fair or that I was being told the truth about it as a teenager.  Clearly, the economics that distributes wealth as unevenly as this relies on lots of people stupid enough to think it’s a good idea to let 10% own nearly everything.  Dupes that dumb are unlikely to know any economics, but there are lots of economic reasons why this state of affairs isn’t healthy.

It’s time for real change, or we’ll be off to war.

In the USA, they now spend more than $650 million on their prison system (which is often in private ownership).  This is more than they spend on medicare and medicade – what arsewipes could think that a good idea.  Britain has probably spent more than £30 billion on the wars around Iran (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq) – which is about half the cost of the new high speed train link that might happen between London and Manchester.  The Yanks are probably in for three trillion.

War is coming more likely than you think.  Uncle Sam is as broke as Nazi Germany and for much the same reasons.

Whatever interests lie behind wealth distribution in the chart and through the more complex processes of financial propaganda and war, we should be sorting them out instead of going to war to allow real looting now no one believes in money anymore.  We’re too lazy to take notice.

So we’re off to war.  Where?  Well we’re already at war with Iran.  The Yanks have surrounded Iran as surely as any set of film Injuns the wagon train.  The powerful financial interests don’t care much about where the war happens.

It strikes me that ‘we’ are a pathetic set of know-all teenagers when it comes to wealth distribution.  I didn’t find a single person in three pubs earlier tonight who knew how little of our own country’s wealth most of us don’t own!

We’re going to war.

Sending in the Apaches

In 1956 we had a sound grasp of Middle East politics.  Send in  the Israelis, then invade the whole shebang with the French in a policing action and steal the oil.  We’d left an 80,000 strong army over there since WW2 on the off-chance.

There was something more honest about this depravity than current aspersions about spreading democracy.  The Apaches were inevitable.  What we seem short of is any public dialogue about what we are up to and how we can afford this, but not 20,000 needed police officers.

Our politics and media deserted the price of fish long ago.  It was ‘news’ yesterday that Americans can’t understand Cheryl Cole.  Human communication is mostly noise – it’s my belief we need a control theory algorithm to understand anything in it.  The situation in world affairs seems reported a bit like a joke with no punchline – the beer in here reminds me of making love in the bottom of a punt – which only makes sense when  you add ‘fucking close to water’.  Afghanistan, Iraq  and the Arab Spring make as little sense as yet.

Science’s grasp of what it is to be human, is that we are social animals and our thinking is predominantly unconscious, a bit like a blender whirring away with its lid off.  When people lack emotion, they don’t become like the Vulcan Spock, but psychopathic.  Perhaps this helps explain how we come to such ‘rational’ decisions to send in Apache engines of death to bring democracy and such general madness such as ‘foreign policy’?  The argument I envisage would take several books I can’t be bothered to write, which in turn would be written in a conscious form lacking the very stuff with which we’d need to engage to learn to change anything.  By then the Apaches will have done their work.

I don’t doubt we should send in the Apaches.  But I don’t doubt the unholy mess that requires this either.  What I find untenable is that we seem to accept and play our lives in such crap politics.  Our public-conscious form is almost entirely disgusting to me.  I might well care for Cheryl Cole the person, but cannot abide what the image does to me.  I can barely ‘see’ our politicians and media personages as people at all.  I ‘hear’ no public argument at all, witnessing just a drossed-out noise and a smell of air-freshener acting like that stuff that is supposed to direct my buying and drives me out of shops.

The Macht-Politik is a form of chimpanzee politics with words.  When Hollywood produces the definitive history of Apache success, Cheryl will be doing the flying.  Libya will be free of Gaddafis and oil bought through their successors at the right price.  Quite how free Libyans will be from the bread line will matter as little as now.

There is no news of any sustainable, human world that might justify our Apaches.  Just Dave, playing at being Bliar. who played at being Thatcher in drag, who played Churchill in drag, who was half-American and played such an important role in ensuring world wars only the United States could win, long before the CIA could plot its sleepers into Number Ten  … in the absence of facts my mind wanders to conspiracy.  So why are the Americans letting us share Libya’s oil with France after all this time!  Perhaps they hope the cheese-eating surrender monkeys will turn on us and they can turn up, late as usual, to pick up the spoils and technology to save the dollar!  Pan to Cheryl’s face and it’s a wrap …