Judges have ruled that the Human Rights Act means that pedophiles cannot be prevented from free access to their own children – the link above gives details.

I’m in favour of more human rights being codified in our constitution (if we really had a modern one), but this European piece of crap needs to go.  There are no such thing as inalienable rights for the individual; rather always circumstances in which people need to be treated fairly and proportionately.  Using the term right loosely, children need to be treated in such a manner when parents go criminal or loopy.

I believe the rights issue could be key to a society free of injustice.  Instead we remain medieval.



Human Rights My Arse in Burton’s Window is the story of a massive waste of money on a Pakistani paedophile, finally deported. is about a scrote threatening a headmistress and using the HRA to get out of jail.

The Human Rights Act has been around a long time now.  It’s worse than useless and typical of how lawyers make legislation that merely gives lawyers rights to earn fees.  Most of us can’t use it because we can’t afford it – a typical way real human rights are flouted.  We need our own act in order that this European mush wastes away.

The human rights industry cares little for individuals in the normal run of their lives.  We need such protection against monsters foisted in our midst who would be run out of town on a rail if it weren’t for the law.

We are soon going to find that criminals, many of whom ‘hide’ revolting crimes in drugs, prostitution and violence behind ‘family life’, supported by poor police and local authority attitudes and welfare, can rest easier and victims have even more to fear from ‘due process’.

I’m not sure where the ritual involving Burtons came from, but victims may well have to start engaging in it to try and embarrass our clown establishment into action.  This idiot legislation gives nothing to the many, whilst protecting the violators of human rights.