Johnny Marbles – Waste of Oxygen Or Valid Protest

Marbles tells his own story at the Groan above.  He’s served some purpose in bringing security at Parliament into some relief bit otherwise served little purpose other than to highlight problems with eye-witness observation.  Unlike all the others involved in the hacking nonsense, Marbles has at least told the truth without massive and costly processes needed to drag it out.  Wendi Deng, on the evidence of the eye, did not leap in to protect her husband, yet this quickly became the media account.  What is scandalous about this is that she did not get the same treatment someone in a similar ‘street incident’ might well get – an assault charge.  I wouldn’t wish this, but it seems to sharpen my feeling that the ‘new toffs’ are not living under the same law as the rest of us.

It’s hard to judge Marbles.  We need a strong protest movement because politics is dead and it’s clear we aren’t forming one.  The underlying problems concern the difficulty with getting a modern form of public dialogue and even a public interested in such.  This has been a problem since the Greeks issued slaves with whips covered in purple dye to shame citizens into democracy events.  In the absence of sensible public dialogue I find it hard to condemn Marbles and ‘direct action’.  I’m afraid I now think our society isn’t worth being bothered about.  The problems will unfold into war and to a considerable extent already have.

The people in the hacking scandal telling us they didn’t know what was going on are all clearly lying.  We knew, even as serfs, that the media, law and politics were bent long before any of this, and yet people at the heart of it all are laying claim to no knowledge.  Marbles at least spares us this.  In the end, I would rather share the planet with him than these other gassers.  Maybe the only language worth a spit these days is the custard pie and Wendi Deng’s right hand?


Climate Change Facts links to a Royal Society page from which a short PDF on climate change can be obtained.  It’s a good all round guide.

I’ve noticed over the years that it’s much easier to find cranks and interest group hacks than any of the real science.  I’m not a climate scientist, but accept most of what is said on the problem in my understanding of science and argument.  My friend Sam suggests the video found at

and I sympathise.  My friends will point out that I obviously can’t change the weather as it’s so lousy at Test matches.

The real debate is that we have no politics or public dialogue, despite the Internet.  It’s my belief it’s this that stops us being different from other animals.  Like them we remain merely ‘thrown’ in evolution, thinking Hamlet or Goethe more than stilted devil rituals.  I don’t really know what to say on the content of ‘global warming’ – and this is the point.  I live knowing we are apathetic other than to illusory pleasures in our freezing moral climate.

To deny climate change is to call many people who put their ideas up to public demonstration liars.  I have found liars to like secrecy and spin control of what we would want to see for argument.  Like bankers who claim to be supermen, but look like smug gets, or politicians relying on the liars of ‘National Security’ – they couldn’t tell the truth, could they, for reasons of National Security.

To understand ‘climate change’, we probably need to start in and around Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring – this was not quite accurate in-itself, but sets some tone for understanding just how influenced by interests science is.  If you don’t fall into the pit of believing no one can be trusted, and rather that scepticism works by shutting on and off, I believe you can start to see which arguments hold water and what is just blocking.

I believe all I read in the Royal Society PDF.  It is dangerous art to the current economic tyranny, to which it defers entirely on the matter of what to do.

One wonders what such factual art could change if I taught it.  After all, I teach people (men) more likely to take out a loan 5% higher than a bit of shopping could get them if the offer is accompanied by a pretty female face.  People who will not have an operation if told there is a 15% failure rate and will if told the success rate is 85% – or have children with first cousins on slightly better margins.

I suspect we miss the whole point.  Facts bounce off world-views, usually parochial, or are sucked in stripped of anything that would shift the view.  The dog eaten by the witch, produced in court becomes the evidence she ate it as a witch because it is alive.  Belief in witches prevails, or smaller interests of revenge on a woman, assimilation of her property.

I sense the real issue is control.  We are rightly scared of this.  This history of it in all of us, despite its hagiographers, is one of horror and fear – from the ‘great leaders’ (shits to a man) to peer pressures of fashion, friendship and the wrong-shaped body and cosmetic advertising.  There is no trust in any anarchist slogan of all truth lying in the main destruction, as we fear the rabble who decide as I touch on above.  We, the rabble, fear ourselves most of all.  This is the govern-mentality of ejukation, a taught freedom to conform to evade responsibility in fellowship on bended knee to a point East or to a fashion point.

There is no notion of what their life could be in the facts on climate science, for anyone.  I should have no interest.  My time is done enough to retire to ‘comfortable’ insignificance without the curse of interesting times.  Maybe I feel, like a soldier on reserve turn knowing the front will come back as his energy returns, that death is only a return to the field?  Maybe I just don’t like being a useless old man.  The facts on climate change are much easier to understand.  One can say the same on the human nature and deceit that have got us in the mess and will make it worse.  We need to organise ourselves under a control we can control.  This is not allowed.  I would die a heretic rather than submit to this prime directive.  I always preferred Data to the humans!