Free Danny Nightingale

What sort of country  jails a soldier for 18 months for keeping a trophy just like 90% of his mates?  Admittedly this was a firearm.  Naughty boy should have had a slap on the wrist.  It’s bad enough we do stupid things like this sentence – but all sorts of bastards are getting off scot-free.  We have bankers getting away with much worse, lying bureaucrats, politicians and fifty shades of scum bullying and terrorising the vulnerable.

The appeal is on Thursday.  Let’s hope the judge shows some decency, sense and seasonal goodwill.  There are cops all over the country more deserving of jail time than Danny.  Some of them hide behind Help for Hero badges.  These prats have lied, not investigated, brushed all sorts under the carpet and been a much greater problem than any squaddie with a trophy.  We haven’t got a justice system.  I’d volunteer to do Danny’s jail time if this was possible.  He has two young kids.



8 thoughts on “Free Danny Nightingale

  1. I’d like a better explanation for why he had over three hundred rounds of ammunition under his bed before I went calling for his release, did he just forget those too?

  2. Erm I think the hundred or so live rounds he had as well as the gun might have influenced his sentence. Why would one want live rounds as a trophy/souvinir?? More to this story than meets the eye, a lot more.

    • I suspected something like this disgruntled. It’s a bit like having a steam engine toy without the meths to run it for these lads. I don’t approve of trophies, but sticking a decent guy inside over something like this is crap, particularly when we aren’t doing anything about real problems. Different if he was plotting armed robberies of course.

  3. It appears that the brain embolism suffered by Sgt Nightingale affected his short term memory and he simply forgot he had the gun which, in any case, was going to be presented to the SAS Regimental museum. The main problem is that Danny Nightingale is a solder. If he had been an officer, he would no doubt have been given a couple of extra Orderly Officer duties and made to buy everyone in the Officers’ Mess a drink.

  4. He had a variety of types of ammunition not just 9mm for the glock, 7.62,5.56 and armoured piercing rounds. Fairly forgetful if you ask me

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