Tape recording police racism


Interesting on the basis of the short recording above what the CPS doesn’t consider racist in terms of the criminal law.  This is nowhere near as bad as a lot of the stuff I heard, most of it coming from criminals against me or fellow officers in the form of false accusations.  Cops shouldn’t use this kind of language, but Goldmann Sachs people call customers muppets.

If this kind of stuff is a criminal offence why do we allow so much that is much more serious, like capital flight from Africa and which kills people?  Indeed, why do we encourage this through the City and its web of offshore banks?  What is more racist – a few misplaced words or hideous theft and killing?


5 thoughts on “Tape recording police racism

  1. Ken Bates has called Leeds fans..”morons”…and he is after their paying custom.

    It is the disproportionate action taken, this officer may well lose his job for a heat of the moment comment taken, more than likely due to deliberate provocation. Yet some race campaigners are calling this man a hero….bet they wouldn’t leave their wallets or kids with him mind.

    I would expect the officer be dealt with in the same manner as Diane Abbott.

    • @ Pathé (showing discernment for the diacritical, old chap.)

      “…this officer may well lose his job for a heat of the moment comment taken, more than likely due to deliberate provocation.”

      Your ‘provocation’ plea would have come in very handy had you been at the scene. However you were not….and your speculation is worth no more than testimony of police who scrambled the cranium of Charles de Menezes when they were similarly subjected to ‘deliberate provocation’.

  2. So would I Pathe – and she didn’t have to ‘get off’. I also despise the way the maw appears to have changed with the material going public – someone in CPS should have followed the PC into suspension if he needed one.

  3. There are examples in film of black on black advice not too dissimilar to this stuff Melvin – the ‘don’t be a Nigga all your life Nigga’ kind of rap. The real racism lies well away from what may slip from a cop’s mouth like this and generally amongst those whose morality is formed in armchairs. I wouldn’t defend the officer, though think a bollocking sufficient – the CPS people should be sacked.

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