Is There A Tory Plan To Break Up Britain?

Scotland is soon to hold a referendum on independence and there is some hope this will succeed and it will become a Norwegian-style democracy.  Norwegians, Swedes and Finns live somewhat better than most in the UK.

We have recently seen the Winsor Plan to thin-out our cops and get them to work more for less.  Now we are to see a public sector wage freeze in areas across the country where wages are low in the private sector.  The average police pay where I live is around £40K and the average wage about £20K.   Police are fairly average people, so you can cop the drift behind any bull.

The correct response to this is the disestablishment of the United Kingdom.  It’s surely been clear for many years that London and the home counties have little in common with the rest of us, even on an ethnic basis.  Leave them to go their own way.  The rest of us will form a loose federation, based on Scotland, Celtonia (Ireland and Wales), Greater Lancashire (the old industrial revolution county), Greater Yorkshire, The Midlands and South West.  This federation would be self-sufficient in oil, gas and wind and sea energy and food.  It’s labour costs would make it competitive in manufacturing.  Banking would only be allowed as a utility and in funding of local industry and agriculture.

Apart from other benefits, imagine what magnificent soccer, rugby and cricket home championships we would get!  The South East is full of banksters, grows a little food and has little water or energy supply.  One can see excellent export possibilities.  Some will gripe that part of my plan would be to remain in the European Union, but I would not be adverse to an application to become the next 6 states of the US or even to loose cooperation with Nordic countries to gain expertise in their economic systems.

The Federation would base it’s economy on full employment, production-led investment and financial transparency.  Attitudes to government would be minimalist and modern – that is, electronic and based on an ethos of service and limited time in power.  The alternative appears to be a second-class existence on poor wages whilst our capital maintains its property boom and its unregulated offshore bankster functions, depressing the pay of public servants elsewhere.


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