Never Mind the Economy Let’s Go To War!

There is no recovery.  2000 was the year I meant to quit the UK for good and put money aside for a retirement in the sun.  This fouled up, partly because of 9/11 and the Iraq War.  I was making enough money to invest and had a fairly standard buy and hold plan.  In a personal crisis I put my first two years’ investment into gold and silver because I had no time to manage my portfolio or life.

If you look at the peak stockmarket of 2000 and work out what buy and hold plans are now worth, most have lost 12% since then – but the money you could cash them in for is now worth 85% less than in 2000 as against the gold and silver price.  Even one of the dorks from the Bimbo Broadcasting Corporation should be able to work out that a stockmarket that has returned a big loss over 12 years, and money that has fallen even further against commodities that can’t be ‘printed’ at will, is not a recovery.  And a situation in which idly watching Kruger Rands produces more ‘wealth’ than investing in actual production is no recovery either.

If you can’t tell how bad things are from the above, then you need a great deal of education, and even this probably won’t work.  The big question is why we have such tame and poor reporting of what is going on and what it means, in a supposedly democratic society.  Lying about the economy was a major component of Soviet propaganda and our hapless news coverage may as well come from Pravda.

Still, Trekkies, fear not – Enterprise is sailing towards Iran!


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