What Happened To Putting Problem Families Right?

Emma Harrison of A4e

This woman was partly in charge of efforts to do stuff like getting welfare scroungers back to work.  Good choice Cameron – her company now stands charge of forcing people to work for her for nothing and counts of fraud.

She’s gone, sadly not to the Tower of London for a short stay before beheading.  The genius response has been to replace her with Blair crony Louise Casey  – a long-term failure in anything from victim support to whatever else her hand has been turned to.  Tell us we haven’t just continued business-as-usual.

It’s time to insist none of this crap works, other than for those who run companies that profiteer from the unfortunate or take hefty salaries to produce statistics governments can use to pretend they are doing something.

Not long ago the turkeys we didn’t vote in were promising Nulabour-style numoney focused on the scrote to rehabilitate them.  Instead we just have less of the old devious inaction and the same shits ripping of tax-payer money at both ends – welfare must be expanding  – surely no one believes the employment numbers – and there is no change in the people running scams (did I mean schemes – nah!) or amassing the civil service pensions.  What a pity Eric Joyce didn’t take Parliament down with him instead of just brawling with a few Tory fopps.

Casey might be viewed as not much more than an unreformed yob herself, though I doubt she could be that useful.  We need radical solutions and people who might actually know what evidence is, rather tan bleating about demands of evidence-based solutions.  Nothing has worked in this area for at least 20 years, whether in stopping anti-social scrote or finding people jobs.  This hasn’t stopped a whole bunch of bastards from taking money for pretending to.


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