Victoza Talking

I’ve been spending a lot of time bored of late.  It’s a losing weight thing – plus adjusting to my new diabetic medication.  I’ve been fat since training slipped from 4 days (plus playing 2) in the week – even in my last days as a university amateur.  That’s 30 years and seems enough.  I don’t do fast food and despite the legend don’t drink much either.  The big issue in recent years has been exercise – my muscles seem to scream on the equivalent of feather-dusting a few objects d’art – not that I keep either!  I’ve lost 2 stone but have no diet advice to give as this has been done by not eating and being hungry.  The Victoza (once a day jab) has helped in the last 10 days as it’s made me vomit at both ends.  Touch wood this phase is over and I’ll be back on my porridge only diet three days a week and the Holy Grail of walking the legs off the dog.  He’s already grumping about for his evening session.

The Victoza seems to help me feel less knackered and my blood sugars are on their way down.  Diet advice seems either banal (eat less than 1500 calories – which at least complies with something a bit like e = mc2) or ludicrous (F-plan etc.).  With a quarter of our population now fatter than me (in BMI) you’d think we’d do something better.  Nothing bores me quicker than chefs on television except people with PhDs in nutrition and supermarket vegetable selections.

It couldn’t be the case that something as simple as porridge only three days a week and a ban on fast food and snack sales and processed crap would work, surely?  Or that we haven’t done this because it would depress GDP?  Our pubs are still closing and apart from television and the Internet I’m not sure what there is to do.  I certainly have to earn a lot to do anything much other than this.

I sense a radical overhaul of economics needs to start with issues like whether people who don’t get fat don’t because they have reasonable diets.  This might seem as unlikely as my plan for UDI for Scotland and Greater Lancashire, but note the first is underway.



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