Plus ca change?

A month away constructing a book and all I can come back and say is “what’s new”.  Police have recorded 4% less crime in a year of riots and the BCS has found a 4% rise. Sadly, the admirable Steve Bennett isn’t commenting at the moment.  None of the 2008 farce has been fixed and the BBC is belatedly noticing the Japanese went through much the same a decade earlier.  There are moves afoot to strip Fred the Shred’s knighthood and those who always told us they were getting payments for results are demonstrating quite what the results are doesn’t matter.  The hacking scandal is missing the point – which is surely what a load of wankers we are in being more interested in shagging footballers than being dragged into a war with Iran or seeing what should be our wages snaffled by a tiny few.  Leveson is proving we have almost no journalism and will even watch extended spectacle on this obvious statement.

The ‘capitalism must be reformed’ debate is a replay of the 1970’s ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ stuff on Slater-Walker, Tiny Rowlands and so on – without noting nothing changed then and asset stripping has become more sophisticated and criminal since.

My conclusion is that those with power don’t have to do anything right and don’t need any ideas.  Why should they when we can’t see through the same old promises offered over and over that are never tested in any genuine market or reality?  Bullshit is cheap.


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