Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Allcoppedout is off to finish writing a book.

My thanks to anyone who has done any thinking as a result of these left-overs, especially those on the more lively intranet blog.

I leave you in interesting times.  By the late New Year I expect something big to have given in Europe that will have sad implications for our broken country.  There’s a big chance that Pakistan and Iran will be in the news too.  We’ll get through it in some form.  The best route would be to set some honest cops on the banks.  Yates of the Yard is off to Bahrain. He’ll be there just in time for the Shia uprising and to have his morality tested.  Expect him not to be able to stop very grim, torture-based repression.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

  1. That the world gets more dangerous by the day, brings back memories of our late Uncle Charles, who set off from Southampton in 1955, to live a safer life in Maralinga.
    Cheerio for now ACO.

  2. The minor crudities aside, Hibbo’s impressive comment on Gadget’s latest blog is a good indication he was a regular fan of yours, ACO. I have assumed your approval of the copy below:

    “Fucking hell lads, give the guy a break. He’s already said that he has found other forces to be polite and fair, and that on four out of four (100%) occasions the Met have been tossers. This immediate suspicion of the chap just exacerbates this conception of Met attitudes.

    This stinking attitude of some coppers is a major cause of the breakdown of the relationship between law-abiding decent people and the police. I know it is not all coppers that are like this, but it seems to be a sizeable chunk. When I have had to interact with the police I have found them to be at one extreme or the other; either very professional and polite (yet firm and no nonsense) or complete twats.

    I can understand that when you work the majority of the time with scum, it will become the norm for some people to categorise any civilian as scum – but that’s not the case; there are some good boys and girls out there you know!

    PS. I also have no problem with stop and search, but there’s no need to actively seek to antagonise the law-abiding with rotten attitudes and aggression. The crims will automatically be wound-up by the old bill anyway, so no need to up the ante when dealing with decent folk.”
    BTW, best of luck with the book and a very Merry Christmas to you.

    • Hits the spot Melvin. The real issue is we have made the discipline system an iron cage of bureaucracy and not made it civilian. Andrews should have got something like a two-week suspension in a three-strikes and you’re out system/ This,of course, might well leave London without whatever they now call the SPG.

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