South Wales Police Corruption Farce To Continue

This link gives the timeline from the killing to the collapse of the corruption trial.  The [I]PCC are now to investigate the destruction of evidence, so we can expect plenty to be added to the estimated £30 million in costs, before some tame Commissioner tells us what dreadful rogues the police were and some constable is slapped on the wrist for not watching a shredding machine properly.  “Lessons will have to be learned”.  The conviction in the case relied on DNA and non-police witnesses did get done for perjury.

I have no idea who did what to whom as the evidence hasn’t been declared to the public.  The IPCC have long been involved and the whole thing became a lawyer-fest.  Quite how the CPS lawyers managed not to ensure disclosure to the defence I don’t know.  Heads should role but watch for another CPS – Police ‘it was all their fault’ scam.  The fair solution would be to sack all on both sides as incompetents.

One wouldn’t usually support trial by media – but it strikes me that Rough Justice should be brought back and given police investigating powers!  The full details should be put straight to the public for our decision.  I think that decision would be to put the CJS out of our misery so we could build a new one.

What we do know of the case is that cops got the wrong people, convinced witnesses to lie and that no police are accountable and that their prosecution was a farce.  It may be that the officers who were pilloried are innocent and we should note they are dissatisfied enough to be considering civil action; in turn this says what about the investigation and prosecution?

The big question is ‘what of other people complaining about police and CJS incompetence and unfairness’?  We know they get short-shrift.  Nico Bento was arrested and convicted for a murder that didn’t happen, with expert forensics hidden and a mad American crank used to convince judge and jury not to believe their own eyes on evidence that should have been presented by his defence.  No heads rolled there either.  Down the line, cops fail to do much and the rest of the system even less for decent people plagued by “dysfunctional families”.

It’s time for an open review in front of the public – judges seem just to curl up and die (see timeline link)!


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