Brilliant Cop Who Raises Hope

Detective Constable Stephen Hopkins right

You can get this guy’s story at the Daily Mail.  A rotten crook is now serving time thanks to this excellent bloke getting stuck in – to the books.  His story makes one wonder what the idle farts in CPS get up to.  The wouldn’t take the case on but this DC studied law to force their hand.  I wonder how much money some decent jack like this wouldn’t have wasted if given a free hand in South Wales where a pack of IPCC,local and CPS donkeys went through £30 million?

This is what we need more of, not ACPO stuffed tailor made uniforms and lawyers.  When I read this nest story – –

in which a teacher was sacked for giving a 17 year old lad with no bus money a lift home, I just despair.  Cheshire quite rightly commended the DC pictured, but one wonders whether he might have had similar treatment to the teacher in some forces.  It;s good to know some still do the right thing in a world that’s lost the plot.


1 thought on “Brilliant Cop Who Raises Hope

  1. The guy is still a DC. Given the sh*ts I work for what does it say on meritocarcy? I know what they trtied to stop you doing Aco.

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