Rebecca Leighton

Leighton was the unlucky straw drawn from staff at Stepping Hill hospital when it discovered someone was poisoning patients with insulin.  She was charged by CPS though what this means when one considers the Cardiff farce in which three were convicted of a murder done by someone else and officer who may have acted improperly only charged 22 years afterwards, only for this trial to collapse because some other senior cop destroyed evidence and all the rest, god only knows.

Rebecca appears to have been sacked for something many nurses do (anyone watch that awful ‘Nurse Jacky’?) – nicking pain-killers.  I assume this was just a few rather than van-load, but don’t know.  We’d have no nursing staff if all that did this got the same deal.  And no academics, office staff – and look at what the politicians were and will still be up to.  Who was paying for the last defence secretary’s consort?

We should have the truth on this out in public.  Not least from the perspective of someone wronged once by the criminal justice system getting it in the neck again.  Theft is theft is theft until politicians and bankers are up to their eyes in it.  Shall I burn those envelopes from my last employer before the knock at the door!

I suspect this is shit behaviour by the same shit bureaucrats whose system allows the piss poor murdering wuckfart to kill off those in their care.  Stepping Hill has secret form concerning disclosure of its problems – did cops find this out?

I used to get distalgesic from my mother-in-law (then a nurse) – should I report her?  Bloody good they were too – can’t get them now because of suicidal jerks.  I’m prescribed “traumadol” instead – which work but screw the day up.  Sure we shouldn’t steal – but after what this girl has been through this smacks of cruelty.  And given how noting much in police stations stays where put unless glued down, should be sack 90% of our cops?  Who are as honest as the rest of us. .


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