Who is steering the ship?

Even Marx talked about a lumpen class – the useless scrotes of Gadget’s Swamp or Night Jack’s great prose description.  My own contention on this is way further to the right and that we have created an educated lumpen mass, a people with little clue on toil, skill and producing effort.  Many in this lump still have jobs of some kind in town halls, financial services, retail shops and a host of other “services” that are imploding as we realise we have been supporting them through massive debt.  If you want a bare knuckles description of the ‘lump’, take a look at this:


“the masses are always dull and indolent, and even more so given that democracy… promotes moral and intellectual degeneration?” – is typical – the eventual idea being to get rid of government in favour of a small elite who really know what they are doing.

“It has to start with a small elite. As Étienne La Boétie said, these are “the men who, possessed of clear minds and farsighted spirit, are not satisfied, like the brutish mass, to see only what is at their feet, but rather look about them….” These people will start to secede from the United States.”

The cover-story is Libertarianism – but I’d guess we’ve all mostly seen this kind of fascism before?  What I’d contend is that something like this has already happened.

In every country on the planet, it seems the will of the people is meaningless because we have to submit to the needs of big business and the rich.  They don’t live under our laws.  We’ve been had.  A few less feeble-minded than most went on our streets to protest yesterday, but this was about pensions, not the real problems they can’t see -the ones we are always told we can do nothing about.

What will happen if people do start seeing what has already happened?


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