Blood will run …

The guy with the axe in this picture is the new Greek minister for infrastructure.  There’s more on this story at

Much as we detest our politicians, I guess we still don’t think of any of them as lunatic axe-wielding fascists.  We haven’t yet seen much of a rise in extreme left or right groups, though Republican proto-candidates are mouthing lunacy in the US.  Much as I’d like to see direct democracy in which we (as peoples across countries) vote in law-making by the public (look up Senator Mike Gravel), the wrong sort of radical politics is still around.

We’re probably at a tipping point for the financial crisis and for public consciousness of just how hapless our political-media class to turn angry,  I have a horrible feeling, given how difficult it is do change, that what will boil over will be the old divisions of racism, ethnic hatred and dumb ideologies like communism and fascism.  Sepp Blatter’s handshakes at the end of the game (pathetic as the suggestion is) seem an unlikely fix when axes and knives are about.

Do you get the distinct feeling that nothing is being done and won’t be until blood flows?  The ‘Greek solution’ looks to have made government debt in the Eurozone mostly unbuyable and Italy is teetering (the UK and US banks ‘own’ a lot of the insurance involved and probably can’t pay if Italy goes belly up).


4 thoughts on “Blood will run …

  1. “Much as we detest our politicians, I guess we still don’t think of any of them as lunatic axe-wielding fascists. “

    Don’t read any ‘Comment is Free’ column on the subject of Margaret Thatcher, then… 😉

  2. Nah! The Grauniad just annoys me. The current Toynbee is as stuck in the nineteenth century as her ancestors. Thatcher was as revolting as Blair, just brighter – I suspect the same paymaster and grasping naivety.

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