Politics has no people stout and true

Hogday posted a clip from Deadwood (the brilliant Shakespear-like Western) as an exemplar of current political-money behind-the-scenes debate.  Those thinking this an extreme should pay attention to the above from The Real News.

England stood tall today in beating Spain by out-loading their loaded mid-field.  This wasn’t a wise idea if playing in the more important England fixture against some highly unrefined thugs from New Zealand throwing high tackles out for fun and making predictions from the haka come true.  Our stout men stood true to face another team of Aussie immortals next week.  May the gods fall as rapidly as their cricketing cousins.  It’s as overdue as honesty in politics!

Does anyone know how one becomes Prime Minister?  Walpole was only called by this name in ironic reference to his buying the influence.  How easy might it be for a foreign power to buy its people into our system?  It’s hardly as if you have to show and tell like the lads in the games today?


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