The Day of the Banking Vulture

Got the impression that Iceland has somehow pulled through from coverage on News For Shiny People as per Nanny Beeb?  Think again –

The vultures are gathering in the form of shady rescuers called ‘vulture funds’ – a bit like the bastards who made themselves rich by transferring all that had money value at Rover into a fund they owned personally, leaving them £40 million richer and thousands out of work.  It’s time to fight back against these carpet-baggers, but how when we are so feeble and lack solidarity?  We as as helpless as the Scots during the Enclosures and something similar is happening.  These banksters are as serious a threat as the rise of clown communism and goose-stepping fascism and we need to treat them as an unacceptable evil.  In Iceland they are no better than loan sharks and the worst debt collectors. I’ll be leaving when it happens here.  Good luck.


3 thoughts on “The Day of the Banking Vulture

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