Met Sacked Cop Case Leaves Unasked Questions

The Met sacked a 58 year old PC who was cuffing all kinds of calls from the public.  His dire conduct, which beggared the belief of IPCC’s London Commissioner Deb Glass, was only uncovered because one caller happened to be related to someone else working in the same police control centre.  On investigation, the bloke turned out to be ‘bang at it’.

As is usual with feeble IPCC investigations, the real issues have gone untouched or are deemed best kept from public attention.  We do know police get a lot of junk calls.  What we need to know is how someone could get away with junking ‘real’ ones over a substantial period, even when some callers rang back or visited police stations to get the right attention.  Once again the lack of supervision is appalling.  What are we paying senior officers for?  Once again, the clearly non-independent IPCC isn’t asking.


5 thoughts on “Met Sacked Cop Case Leaves Unasked Questions

  1. Yet another huge and avoidable disgrace, ACO. All for the want of half competent management, capable of decent recruitment, instruction, training and supervision.

    A private company mirroring this mismanagement would quickly cease trading.

  2. I’ve just had to intervene in what I thought was jusr a disgusting spat between my neighbours’ lads and two clowns from across the road. I called GMP and am awaiting a response. It turns out that next door’s house was entered by one of the clowns brandishing a piece of wood and a knife was picked up in defence (this has already happened when I shuffled up). I was threatened and had to square up to the two idiots to see them off. Not long ago something not too unlike this incident led to a killing about half-a-mile away. GMP are supposed to call back. Don’t watch this space …

  3. I work in a call centre like this – and I cuff calls all the time.

    They distract me from telling all the civvies what a fearless crime busting supe-rcop, I used to be.

  4. The problem is when sensible cuffing causes more problems than it stops. Yesterday, I felt like Badger seeing off two weasels invading the house next door whilst the parents were out working. One of the scumbags concerned lives across the road, the other is his cousin who lives 5 miles away. They had gone in next door with a piece of wood threatening the two young lads who live there (our neighbours are now superb people). A knife was used to threaten the bastards out of the house, but it was all at the front gate when I went round and quite nasty.
    There was no listening to reason by the scrote, but the lads next door calmed down. I was threatened, but this faded when I stood up to them (I’m pretty knackered these days) and I had to phone for police. This led to the scrote going away.
    No cops came and there was no promised phone call. I have dealt with the knife thing with the lad next door’s parents and won’t pursue the matter as I can see the kind of cock up where he’d get a caution and the creeps who entered a house with intent to threaten walking as per.

    A few hours later police and two ambulances attended the scrote house across the road and several were taken to hospital, including the two vermin. The sad thing is that it is impossible even to give such scum a good slap. Our local bobby would probably have sorted it the same way as me, but I would trust Response these days.

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