An Alternative To Street Protest

OccupyX is taking some effect world-wide.  A second camp has sprung up in London.  I think we could call this protest fairly left, though on a brief visit to Greece I found many similarities to views expressed in the ex-Warsaw Pact countries after wall fall – many are working two or three jobs trying to cope and there are no opportunities for many at all. Teachers work for State salaries that don’t cover rent of mortgage all day and do what private tuition they can get.  Cops are struggling despite overtime.  Meanwhile the drug money-laundering Proton bank is bailed out.  Over in the US they have the Tea Party – a right wing reaction group to the collapse in living standards.  My own view is the wrong people are on the streets – we should be – or better we should have some genuine democratic means of change.  We aren’t and we don’t.

I’m convinced there are no answers in our standard politics.  Mervin King was claiming last week that inflation will fall back next spring – but Mervin says this rather a lot (as back in 2010).  What;s really happening is a waiting game with no one putting their cards on the table and everyone really bluffing.  My alternative would be to hand it all over to our cops.  What’s going on is a criminal game.



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